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[ ELF DOLL ] Elfdoll Club Launched / NABEE is released

Sep 15, 2005

    1. Hello, Doll Lovers!

      You are invited to Elfdoll Club!

      Elfdoll released English Community Lauching 100 Limited Edition [NABEE] today
      so please visit www.elfdoll.com and browse beaufitul NEW Half Open Eyed Ryung
      with Snow Skin. We have more detailed info of NABEE at www.elfdoll.com

      Elfdoll launched a space for you to share your lovely dolls and stories at Elfdoll Club.
      This club is the space that you guys to lead. So please feel free to share posts and
      photos, and we hope this club will become a place that you and Elfdoll people including
      Raiman can be closer.


      We are preparing for Photo Contest every month, so upload your lovely photos
      of Elfdoll as many as you like and get some prize! (More info on Photo Contest
      on "About Photo Contest" at Photo of the Month board at Elfdoll Club)

      Elfdoll Shop www.elfdoll.com

      Elfdoll Club www.elfdollclub.com

      Thank you!






      Comparison with Snowskin & Normal skin

    2. Thank you for your wonderful creations. The elfdoll club is a great idea!
    3. Nabee is beautiful!

      Thanks for posting about the Club!
    4. Ah, they're so beautiful...I'm going to get a Soah in a two weeks, once I have enough money!
    5. Yay!!! The site and NABEE look lovely :grin:

      When will Special Soah be revealed to us? Will there be a NABEE version of Soah too? That 'Coming Soon' pic is haunting me. LOL!
    6. :o I love Nabee, she's beautiful! and that's coming from me, the biased male doll lover :wink:
    7. Very lovely site. And Nabee is fantastic.
      Thanks for sharing with us Rainman.
    8. I love Nabee. She is so delicate but sensual with such and intense gaze. If I had the money I would buy her right now!