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Elf Lishe finally on Eluts

Jan 18, 2005

    1. Lishe Elf is finally on the Eluts site in english. She is listed as "sold out" though, but there is a little 'coming soon' at the bottom of the page...(pulls out hair) I hate wanting things! argh!!!
    2. Oh, wow ... this is the first time I've seen her official promo pics ... she's lovely! Congrats to all of those that were able to pre-order her!
    3. hmmm... I wonder why they don't show the vampire head?
    4. To make me become crazy while I'm waiting to see her in person *_*
      Argh Imagine the little teeth, the half opened eyes... :? (Diiiiiiiiiiiiiie to see her)
      Save money a whole year( since January 2004) and I have still at least a week or two before see her, touch her... (does it sound like a pervert? :oops: :lol: )
      ~Will swear to NEVER preorder another to die for doll~( :oops: will never be enough patient to save during another whole year!!!)

    5. It says right below her: "Luts will start to sell the “DELF LISHE ELF" from 14:00, 21th, JAN, 2005 (in korean time)" :3
    6. *drooling* she's gorgeous :) :) :)
    7. She IS gorgeous! Ohhh pretty..... From the pictures, she seems to me to have a more ... aggressive personality than the standard Lishe.