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Elf Lishe photos are now avaliable

Jan 10, 2005

    1. Hi DOA, :)

      Elf Lishe photos are now avaliable at both Luts website, and Notice board (http://liria.pooroo.net/zero/zboard.php?id=order) on my website.

      Wig is either black OR blonde - it is random. Unfortunately the customers may not choose the colour of the wig.

      Photos of Elf Lishe boots, made of Kangaroo leather, are also avaliable together.

      As I'm going on holiday from Jan 11 till Feb 21, I have stopped taking orders, but I'm fairly sure eLuts will take Elf Lishe orders too.

      Customers who have already placed their order but have not paid yet, it would be great if you could get your payments in by January 25 to be shipped on second batch. (See my notice board for detail.) I'm not sure when the third batch will be.
    2. ELF LISHE!!! cant wait until she's on eluts website. i'm going to stalk eluts until then
    3. *faints* Now she REALLY looks like Galadriel XD She is so beautiful ;_;

      And those boots! O.O

      ...Kangaroo leather? Ah. Explains why they've stopped broadcasting about the over population of 'roos and their possible culling- seems they've found a better use for them! XD

      -Annie the Aussie ^^;
    4. Oh yay, what great pix to wake up to!!! Soooo exciting...

      I wonder if we'll see even more pictures (esp. the vampire head) before she starts arriving??
    5. The boots aren't vert "elvish" but they are cool... I love that first picture of her - she looks SO pretty with the smoky makeup!
    6. she is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (*add lots of "o"*) pretty!
      I wanna ó.ò
      I wish i could see her vampire head. *__* I wish I could have heeeeer!
    7. OMG! OMG! Elf Lishe! Elf Lishe! Elf Lishe! *has a spaz attack* OMG! I can't wait for her to come home now that I've seen pics!!! :crushed I want my Elf Lishe!!! :crushed

      and I lurv her little bootsies!! esp. when the tops are folded over- so cute and just perfect for my girl! :grin:
    8. For some reason, I'm not overly wowed by her pics. Maybe since I've been so anxious to see what she would look like. Kinda feel deflated like a balloon , now that I see her.
      I guess personal customization would be a big factor in making her much more appealling to me.
      Don't get me wrong, I would still consider getting a regular elf lishe in the future, or a head.

      As for the boots, I was looking for more refined style, with some heels and hardware. This Kangaroo skin is making me weary. Are they going to be on the endangered species now? :(
    9. not yet :P (at least, not to the best of my knowledge!)
    10. The boots are pretty cool!
      Not elven, but oh well.

      I wish mine would come with that gorgeous faceup, though.
    11. I LOVE her. She's now on my wishlist...
    12. I'm with EbinCan3an on this one. Was hoping to get an elf Lishe in the future as a 'sister' for my regular Lishe, but she hasn't 'jumped' at me (yet :wink: ) Am wishing she had though :(

      Can't wait to see real pics of her once she arrives for all the lucky people who are getting her

      Caroline :daisy
    13. Yeah... it would have been nice to have some more "elven"-looking boots for her. It's pretty easy to find combat/rocker-style stuff already... but oh, well. I guess I can always sell stuff I don't really need/want...

      I rather liked those face-ups. Unfortunately--as I'm in Liria's first order, no faceups were offered. She does look pretty much like Lishe with elf ears... which is both good and and bad. Good, since I like Lishe, and buying sight-unseen would have made me more nervous if she'd been wildly different... but then, it does make the elf versions seem a bit less exciting. Seeing the vamp version will be interesting, though. At least that will be different!

      Its good to finally be able to see some pictures, though... I think I'm glad I'm not getting the standard face-ups, even though I like them well enough. I don't think I want the makeup on mine to be quite that pronounced. I still haven't figured out what I want, though... *_*

      Added: You know, I'm dying for some thigh-high leather or suede boots! Do you know anyone who makes something like that? I'm sure Lishe would look just incredible in them!
    14. So happy to see her at last! I wish I could have waited for the default make-up - so pretty!
    15. I love that first photo of her with the strange glittery hat. ^_^ She looks a lot like El in my estimation..., more so then usual!

      Her boots are very cool, although I was expecting something much more... well, elf-ish. I'd love a pair though! I hope someone decides they're not for them and would like to sell them...

      And EbinCan3an... no. We've got a lot of kangaroos, don't worry! With the drought, some farmers even shoot them these days because they become 'pests'. One of them attacked a dog. >_<
    16. Oh. I think I might have to get her now. *____* That profile picture and the ones of her in the black wig have snagged me... but I think she might be a little too femmy for my snarky, and very male Origa. ;O;
    17. :grin: She is cute but I LOVE my Lishe just the way she is, besides I think mine might hurt another pretty girl that is not a sister to my Bin :lol:
    18. Didn't Luts announce that Far East Doll Factory (FEDF) was Cerberus Project's BJD-sculpting division? I can't remember whether I saw it on ELuts or DoA...


      Found it!

      In the thread for Cutie Delf Cori, it says:
    19. Hmm, teh picture of teh lishe-elves made me want one so bad. Wish I had a cafepress thingy for my Paul the Nudist site. Maybe I could sell crap awell as git money so I may offered her. I *REALLY* can't wait to see teh vamp head. Mmm she'll be V cool I hope. :cow