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Elf or Human Ears? Doll Preferences & Choices

Apr 9, 2016

    1. When deciding on favorite dolls, does the appearance/size of the ears play a big part for you?

      I can't decide between say, long pointed elf ears, or natural-looking human ears with a point. Both are good, right? Which do you prefer?

      What about human ears which are more cartoonish, rounded and stick out, versus realistic, flatter, detailed ears? Which do you like most? The larger ears might work better with different wig styles, and with piercings, but I'm not sure which I prefer over-all.
      What about you?
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    2. The face is most important to me, and the faces I fancy are either not made with elf ears, or the elf ears were limited, so I cannot buy them.

      Luckily, if I want elf ears, I can sand away a good bit of the ear, and then apoxie it to shape. A simple paint, and you're done!
    3. I love long elf ears even though I worry about breaking them. I'm more interested in a doll if it has them.
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    4. I love elf ears...

      but-- wigs cover them most of the time.
      also-- long ones are fragile and easy to break.

      I'd still get them for certain characters, but you do have to be careful with them!

      And most of the time you can't tell which of my dolls have the smaller pointy ears or not...!
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    5. I'm a bit of a sucker for ears! That's one of the first things I notice. I like the long pointy ears, but like stated above most wigs do cover the ears. My favorite is when the pointy tips stick out from behind the wig :)
    6. Elf ears- I quite like them! Yet, at the same time, it's like they aren't really there, with wigs covering them. Does it inhibit the doll's ability to wear hoods? That could be a drawback. Still doesn't make me like them less though.
    7. For the most part, I prefer human ears, but it really depends on the character, as some of them have pointed ears and so a resin avatar with pointed ears is preferable.
    8. I love the look of elf ears but I really think it depends on the character you're going for! :kitty2 I always enjoyed more fantasy-looking bjds so that's my personal preference but as someone said earlier, not only will they probably be covered by a wig but they may even break :horror:

    9. I like elf ears but...it's the face that matters to me the most. I'm actually looking for an MSD boy with elf ears but it's hard to find one with the aesthetic I prefer, but I'll keep looking. I want to have one with elf ears.
    10. I absolutely love elf ears! I have a couple dolls that have shorter pointed ears, but most are medium to long. It depends on the character, but most times I prefer longer ears so I can see them :)
    11. If I'm not looking for a specific thing and elf ears vs human ears are on the table, I'd be pretty tempted by those elf ears. It's not something I go out of my way for, but I think fantasy ears really add to some sculpts like my Chrom. I don't much care for really long ears, as people have said before me they can easily snap off, but just your standard pointy goodness is up my alley for sure.
    12. I prefer human ears, probably because I'm not all that interested in fantasy characters. But small points don't bother me since they're easily covered by wigs and beanies.
    13. I'm quite indifferent to ear shape - I generally tend to look more at facial features and I can't say I've ever had my opinion swayed to or from a doll because of its ears. Though speaking of ears, I'd love to get some attachable animal ears (cat or dog ears, etc.), those're super cute o/
    14. In a former life I was an elf. LOL! I love my elfie earred girls. I'd like to eventually get an elf boy. Currently I have 3 elf girls and 2 human boys. And as for the length of elf ears, well I don't know if its asthetics or fear of breakage :lol: , but I am drawn to the smaller ears.
    15. I like elf ears! I have a few dolls with very large elf ears, but I worry about breaking them. Little pointed ears are cute, and safer when out and about. Elf or human, though, the ears have to be well sculpted. They can be simple, but not crudely sculpted. I've got one doll whose ears look like rough drafts just stuck on the head- I hate them :(
    16. I prefer smaller, flatter, more realistic human ears, but that's because all of my OCs are human. If I did fantasy characters, I would probably like a variety of ear types.
    17. Elf ears all the way, just something so sweet about them.

      But the head of course gotta be good also!
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    18. I like elf ears. I have no elf characters (yet?), but I really have no preferences in my doll ears. What matters the most to me is their face. I'm picky with their faces. There are features a face must/must not have, but ears can come in any shape. It would be really hard to find a sculpt you really liked and had to have elf ears. It would make the search all the more difficult.
    19. Part of the reason I got three of my dolls is because they have elf ears. One has ears that point up, one has ears that stick out, and one has ears that point down. Several others have more subtle pointed ears, and the rest have human ears. Elf ears and tan resin are both really appealing to me.
    20. Indeed but it makes the search ever more fun!