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Elf Uyoo revamped : White wing version

Jul 4, 2006

    1. I like her :D

      (holds head in hands Oh no )
    2. Hehe, I know the feeling, Tinybear.

      I'm so tempted to buy her. She just looks so cute eventho I'm usually not a big Tiny fan.
    3. I love the mini gems. I can't wait until they make a boy!
    4. aack! Cute! Elfy ears! This is not good news at all.
    5. I totally agree with you...But she is SO sweet and delicate!
    6. Oh, I was just looking at her this morning! I am having such a hard time resisting temptation now. ^^; I really can't afford another doll right now, but she's so cute! And she's an elf. With wings. And if she really fits Barbie clothes, it'd be so much cheaper to buy them for her.

      And hey, I have two little sisters and three nieces with birthdays spread out over the year, so I even have an excuse to buy them if anyone asks. :whee:
    7. I love her too, and my little sister is saving up for her! I'm so excited. My sister is a very athletic and . . . um . . . redneck-ish kid, but elf Uyoo's beauty has enchanted even her :aheartbea And that's really saying something! I've also wondered how she might look with my Tae since I'm not digging OD's Hong (she'd be short I know, but it might be cute). I really hope they'll come out with boy Mini Gem though ^_^
    8. She's gorgeious! I love those ears! The only thing that is holding me back is her tiny fragile look. I used to have a first edition Uyoo, but I sold her for that reason. She was so adorable, but I just couldn't handle her thin fragileness, though the doll herself is far from fragile.
    9. Hey Tuvie -- here's a link of Jennifer [my Uyoo] next to Quaid [drnero's Tae]. Their proportions are both relatively realistic, so I personally think it could work. Then again, Jennifer also hangs around my 70cms with no problem, so perhaps I am not the best choice for "scale" advice. :sneaky

    10. god, i want an elf uyoo so bad! that's a total of six more dolls i want! geez. but, with makeup and shipping, she's under 300!
    11. I finally caved in and ordered her! She came to under $440 with the addition of faceup, full body blushing, an extra wig, two full-set outfits, and two extra pairs of shoes. Oh yes, and the shipping is included in that price, as well.

      Not bad at all. ^_~
    12. CONGRADS!!! Do post loads and loads of pics of your little girl. I'd love to see more ownerpics of Elf Uyoo :)
    13. I'm lucky!
      I don't care much for Uyoo, but if they put elf ears on Metel... I'm DED!
    14. She is soo pretty and if she is barbie sized all the pretty clothes I could get her! *stars in eyes*

      Stormlight: I'd like to see how your dolly works out...it would take a LOT of saving to get her if I did.
    15. Oh, no worries, I fully intend to spam the galleries with her when she comes. I just hope Soom doesn't take a long time to ship their orders out. I'm so impatient! lol
    16. OMG she is too cute. Makes me wat to sell my regular Uyoo and get this one instead.
    17. She is so cute, was just looking at her the other day *covet*
    18. heh, mine is on her way home ^^ i can't wait till she arrives. I'm thinking of turning her into a mushroom sprite...don't quite know how that'll work out...but it will somehow heh.
    19. Does anyone know what it means when your order status changes to "before shipping" at the Soom site? Does it mean your order is about ready to be shipped out? If that's the case, that was really fast! I only ordered my doll last week! :D

      Also, exactly what sized wigs to mini gems fit? Size 6-7 or maybe size 4-5? What other kinds of dolls would fit the same sized wigs?