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Elf Yder back in stock at Luts?

Mar 6, 2006

    1. Just checked, and it looks like they've restocked him. ^_^ 50 left. . .

      If this has been posted already, sorry!
    2. Good luck to all of those that want him!

      Is that fifty in stock for this sale period or fifty dolls left all together?
    3. looks like 49 dolls are in stock. good luck to those who get him. i just got mine home and he is lovely. Looks like it wasnt pre-announced date like the last two releases i just checked the site yesterday and it still had the info for the last release date.
    4. so last min~~
    5. More wigs, too! In Light Silver! Oooh, that's such a gorgeous color...
    6. does anyone know how many yders have been released so far. is it 200 for luts or is 200 overall including other CP distributers....btw 48 left :)

      ooo yes look at all those wigs...i wish i had money :(
    7. Oh my goodness...I'm gonna' do it. I'm totally gonna' get one this time.

      My heart is about to jump outta' my chest. Had a name and clothes picked out for a long time, now I'll finally have someone to attach 'em to. ^__^

      *sigh* Sorry, credit card.
    8. congrats sara. he really is a great doll. i can't wait until mine gets his faceup done :)
    9. 1 left...that was super fast! :o
    10. lol, word must have spread like wildfire!

      edit...it still goes up to 47 for me though??? strange
    11. Wow. 50 dolls gone that fast? o__o

      Sara - I know how that is. That's how I felt when I ordered him! ^_^
    12. it now shows 47 left = S...maybe it was an error?
    13. [clicks]

      [barely notices the Elf Yder because of the new SHiwoo sitting next to him on the page]


    14. 44 left now...only 6 sold in the hour thats amazing compared to the first two sales that were gone in under 5 minutes
    15. 43 lol Slow XD
    16. 43 left, the 3rd sale is so sudden. I believe most of the people over the other side of the globe are having their sweet dreams. If there is an announcement made in advance, i'm sure he will be gone much quicker.
    17. yea, its 1:30 in the morning right now on the pacific coast so most people on this continent are probably sleeping, looks like 39 left now
    18. They'll probably all be gone by tomorrow night. ^^;
    19. I won't be surprised, as there are only 34 of them left.
    20. Now there are 36 of them, which makes me think 2 people canceled their orders. I just want a normal skin vamp head. *sigh* I don't want to buy the whole doll. -_-