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Elfdoll 60cm - still come with free eyeglasses?

Jan 6, 2007

    1. Do the Elfdolls still come free glasses as a gift?

    2. When I bought my Special Red back in late May, he came with free shipping and his free fist hands, and even a free coffee mug! but no glasses... unless you mean coffee mug sort of glasses? :)
    3. Oh wow that's amazing!
      Coffee mug glasses, that's exactly what I meant. ;)

      So then are the gifts always different?
    4. Well, I know that for a while, coffee mug glasses were the/a free gift if you bought a doll. :)

      I think that depending on the doll that you buy, any additional 'gifts' like free fist hands or heeled feet or whatevers, will vary? I only bought Special Red from them so I can only say what I received from that one purchase, but others might have had differing experiences?

      Also, I asked nicely and received green eyes? I guess that is a sort of gift as well? :)
    5. When my Wu came late last October, he had these glasses as a gift *ggg*


      For everything else - fists, eyes, I had to pay. Does that help?^^
    6. I have received various gifts with my orders from Elfdoll. I have the three Monnaemi sisters and have received wigs and headcaps as gifts. I received eyeglasses with Sooah, but there was a special order where they sent eyeglasses if ordered by a certain time. The gifts generally seem random to me. But always welcome. I've never received a coffee cup, but that would be cool.
    7. That helps! Thanks guys. I was just worried that if I ordered a pair of glasses with my doll that they would then come with the doll too as a free gift. I suppose I could always sell the extra pair.
    8. Eye glasses seems to be in high demand around here, so if you got a second pair of eye glasses, you definitely could always sell it. :)