Elfdoll (8-inch)

Aug 21, 2006

    1. Does anyone else find these new kids to be EXTREAMLY REALISTIC? Especially in that last shot both Angel and Devil
    2. Yeh they are remind me of when I was a kid I used to love practicing different faces in the mirror LOL!
    3. God I hope she is small or MSD size

      I will watch this thread for info , I have searched on Elf and cant find a thing about them

      I love the smile head /face on both of them
    4. I have a feeling they will be smaller than MSD.
    5. ...LOL I hope so
    6. I just love the girl with the smile and it would be fun to change the heads to set the mood.
    7. Does she come with all the four heads, or is this four different dolls? Faceplates?

      Oh, I just can't wait until she's out. :D
    8. That would be soooooooooo cool if she came with all 4 faceplates.
    9. I wonder what size they are?
    10. Wow! I must say they did a bloody awesome job! *2 thumbs up*
    11. Following up on this thread:


      Thanks to Cheshiretiffy for the image!


      These girls are SO cute . . . I can't wait to find out more about them! Thank you also to KarenC for the info about their size and the fact that each doll will come with all four expressions (!!!)

      Just wanted to start a discussion thread since they're so intriguing . . . now that we know which size range to put it in ;>

      -- Andi <3
    12. Krikey.

      The only way I can hope to get away from this alive, is if he prices them "too high". lol.. I actually gasped aloud and swore when I saw them.
    13. Two threads? And here I am, the lameo who replied to the MSD thread...

      These two got an audible reaction out of me. I almost hope he prices them too rich for my blood.
    14. Aw crap, I'm doomed. Tiny sized. Figures.
    15. I clutched at my heart as if to protect it. :( Rainman has totally vibed with my personal aesthetic.
    16. Aren't they wonderful?? :D

      Mods, please move this to "Tiny" if I put it in the wrong size category . . . ugh, I'm on major pain meds (eye problem and subsequent major headache, doctor's appt tomorrow!) and math is, shall we say, not my strong point at the moment. KarenC, do we know how tall these guys are going to be in cm?

      -- Andi <3

      P.S. Has anyone noticed that he's "echoed" the expressions of his original Monnaemi (sp?) sisters with these sculpts? You've got the basic "look" of Min, Jin, and Bong, plus a sleep face, but in a more realistic style. VERY cute!!
    17. Well, this one is 45cm range, and the other is 35 and under... soooo... we're in the neutral zone.

      *edit: Yeah, I saw that. They also look like younger versions of Sooah/Soah, as well. I think that Rainman likes to work with that basic family....
    18. Yeah, I did too, as that was the one I was watching.

      Doomed, doomed, dooomed, I am. So much for not starting a new size.....
    19. OMG!!! they are so cool i love the grouchy brown haired face!!!!!!

      *gets wallet ready.. sleeps outside elfdoll store* hehehehe