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Elfdoll Alice rerelease [November 15th]

Nov 1, 2007

    1. I'm really surprised, with all the rousing about Elfdoll's new Emma, that no one is going crazy over the rerelease of Alice.

      She's so cute. :aheartbea I hope I have the funds to acquire her this time around, but I doubt it as I have a Mano on layaway.

      I wonder if they'll also release new clothes for her, as well?
    2. I just read the news. That's AWESOME!!! I think I might go for one as I missed the first batch :D
    3. I know a lot of people were hoping that more would be released. I got to see her at the Elfdoll store and she is utterly adorable. I wish I had a reason to get a little piggie doll :)

      "2nd Alice Cherry Blossom is releasing on the 10th of November (Midnight in Korean time GMT+9.00). This is special limited edition but not limited in quantity, but limited in sales period until the 25th of November (also midnight in Korean Time)

      There will be two versions of Alice : Gothic Hoody style, and Ballerina style.

      We have changed shipping system as well for this time,

      we will ship out Alice in 3 groups -

      1st Shipping out - first 30 orders on 12 Nov

      2nd Shipping out - next 50 orders on 26 Nov

      3rd Shipping out - rest of orders 45days after the payments are confirmed

      And Elf Doll prepared to offer a little surprise for Alice lovers. 1:10 of the Alice will have additional secret outfits!"
    5. this is really exciting news!!!! Especially since I think I may have missed out on the Fairyland Pukis!!! Can't wait!
    6. Oh good! I've been wanting the little piggy. Now I can't decide which one their both really cute!
    7. I am so excited. It looks like the piggies will be available on Dolls+Friends/Junkyspot/DenverDolls, so you could layaway, right?
    8. Soooooo cute!!!!

      Love the high blush on the ballerina...and that little hoodie is way too adorable!
    9. Oh noes, the ballerina is so tempting! :o
    10. Oh, believe me I am very excited! My fiance is giving her to me for Christmas!

      Now I can't decide! I love the freckles on the goth Alice, but the outfit of the Ballerina! *squeak!*
    11. OMG!!!!!!!!!! They're too cute!!!!!! I can't decide now which one I want - Gothic Hoodie or Ballerina. They're both too cute :aheartbea
    12. Interesting that they did different face ups on both these two new piggies.. The Goth one has darker eye liner and dark shading, with what look like freckles which don't seem very goth to me..and no lashes,

      and the second is a cute pinkie ballerina with black eye lashes..
      love both the outfits so I guess Lil' Bacon will need some new dudes..

      Can't wait to see these in real life or at least more photos, as both the new piggies have larger iris in their eyes..

      I'm so in love with my piggie that I would love a sleeping one too!
    13. they are so cute~~~~~~~♡
    14. Ohhhh, are they rereleasing on Nov 15th?? Can you pre-order? I need one of these piggies. No reason other than she is adorable and I simply have to have the ballerina one! :)
    15. They'll be released on the 10th. That's tomorrow. You can't pre-order one. You have to buy one during the ordering period, 10-25th of Nov.

      I wonder when the pictures will go online. So far, I've only seen one or two pictures of the new Alice's.
    16. Oh, yes, (duh!) I see that now in the news posting. Thank you, Eiko82... :sweat So release is tomorrow (the 10th Korean time), eh? Even better! omigosh, more pics are up on the website now. I love that the ballerina is holding slippers that are much too big for her feet. Goodness, she is too cute! :aheartbea
    17. And they're on sale right now!!! I just ordered my Gothic Hoodie Alice!! I think I was one of the first ones.

      So happy :aheartbea :)
    18. *squeaks* I'm definitely getting the ballerina.. but my fiance's still asleep! :P
    19. I MUST RESIST:shudder But that Ballerina Alice is just SoOoO Precious:love