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Elfdoll Boy IS Hot! Special K

Jan 4, 2007

    1. He's got a very sexy nose too. :love
    2. Wow!! Is it me or does his lip/nose combo kinda remind you of Johnny Depp? Or is my fangirlism warping my brain??

      Either way, wow!! :D
    3. How tall is this boy?
    4. great googly moogly!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :drool

      i just adore rainman. he's so cute. "let's just say he's hot" **giggle**
    5. I thought that rainmann was a woman, but then again, I can be wrong about that subject xD
      Anyway, this new elfdoll is very very hot! I know that I will own him someday *w*
      I was damn dissapointed that I wasn't able to participate their name contest :(
    6. ZOMG HE'S SO HOT! XD I'm really hoping I win this naming contest because UGH!
    7. Nope! he's a man. He's shared his picture here before - once some sort of wild rumor started that he had gotten hurt and he came on and posted a pic of him holding a doll head. It was so cute. He has 2 little girls (I think it's 2) and he's just so adorable!
    8. This Boy...he's...ASAMI (*viewfinderomg* ignore me please...)

      *dies nosebleeding*
    9. OMG This Guy is Gorgeous!!!!!! That FACE IS ABSOLUTE PERFECTION:shudder That NOSE, THOSE LIPS, Those EYES, THAT BODY!!!!!!!! AND HE's MOre MATURE!!!! TALLER!!!!:drool Lord Have mercey:D I hope to God his Arms and Legs are Thick and Muscular like Yukinojo and the new Uni-Man, and he looks exactly Like this first Sneak Peek Promo Picture:love I think I may have FINALLY Found Brielle's Other Half and it's from her own Kine This is Awesome!!!!!... OMG Is that Facial Stuble???:blush I'm in :aheartbea More Info and Pics PLEASE!!!!!!
    10. With the stubble he looks a bit like Hugh Jackman.

      Wolverine BJD, anyone? :o
    11. :o OMG he does look like Hugh Jackman! :love
    12. I like how masculine his face is. Unfortunately, work won't let me access MySpace to read the story so it will have to wait till I get home.
      I really love having different masculine faces from the different companies to choose from!
    13. Ooh, well, that's good to know then : D
      I haven't seen his photo, so bad luck for me xD
      he is such a nice guy, talked to him once trough e-mail, and he was really nice and polite. Also, his dolls are amazing, like this new one here <3
    14. I love the "evil head" XD;;
    15. wow he looks so... manly :D
    16. They say he's 2" taller than Wu, so... 25"? Maybe?
    17. Aghhh. Well now I actually want him. (headdesk).

      FWD - has too many ponies already.
    18. Jesu Christo, he really DOES look like my guy friend. It would be terrible of me to turn him into a creepy resin version of him.

      But oh so amusing.
    19. 63 cm, I think. Because 2" = 5 cm give or take a millimeter or two and Wu and Red are 58 cm tall. ;)

      What I'm wondering is if the upper torso and arms are getting changed any.

      The Myspace group messages say that the hands and feet will be the same and that Red and Wu can change to the new body, so I am guessing that only the legs are being changed...?

      ... Which leads me to wonder if it would be possible to just buy new legs.


      But wow! Way to go Rainman! *_*

      At this rate, all my boys will be Elfdoll boys!