Elfdoll Boy Mir Discussion

Jul 26, 2007

    1. I wonder what he'll look like. Its to bad I don't like elfdoll bodies, some of their heads are so great.
    2. yay indeed! i went to go look at the club to see any new picture, but then i got this and was like.. no!! what am i going to look at! he looks like he might be a mature face, like K. i wished the made a mini Wu! That would be too adorable!
    3. Ooh, I saw this this morning. :whee: I can't wait to see what he looks like! :lol: He looks so high-class, like Rennaissance or something.
    4. Isn't it already the 1st over there? *impatient*
    5. If this month is like any others of Elf Doll's, they'll really open around the fifth or so. :P
    6. Nope! It's really going to be tomorrow.

      The web site will re-open tomorrow and you can see him for the first time.

      ElfDoll will be putting them into our store in Ohio.

      We are happy to welcome ElfDoll from Korea.


      PS. OK Rainman's representative just chatted with me, and she taught me how to pronounce his name and what it means in Korean. He is a really cool new look!
    7. Catrina that is spectacular news! Does that mean you will be offering the entire Elfdoll line? I am looking forward to tomorrow!
    8. The little we can see from the silhouette reminds me of Victor Mancha of Runaways-- if he does end up looking like Victor, I think I'll go nuts.

      [​IMG] [​IMG]
    9. I'm sorta excited too!

      I haven't ever really been attracted to Elfdoll enough to actually buy one.

      Hmm. When is Korean Midnight for the US?
    10. Yes, I will have a web site for the physical Dollfair shop here in Ohio. Unlike my other sites, this store site will have many different brands of BJD on it.

      We plan to have the full ElfDoll line in the next few months.

      I want to thank Rainman for inviting me into his family.

      His new male doll is striking and wonderful. You are all in for a treat tomorrow.... so have a look at this guy. When he is released, I'm going to drop by here and tell you how to say his name in Korean, and what it means.

    11. Ooooh, come on, Elfdoll, show us what he looks like!!

    12. I cant wait to see this new boy and even better now I will be able to see the whole line in person! Catrina, I'm SO excited to be able to see Elfdolls line in person. I TRULY cannot wait till you have the entire line>.<
      I'm so SUPERBLY excited now. THANK YOU Rainman for bringing Ohio's Dollfair into your family. This is so GREAT...ok I'm done.
      His profile kind of reminds me of Antonio Banderas O.o

    13. Don't get me wrong, Im very excited about the new Elfdoll boy, but Im kinda bummed, too.

      Last time, with the introduction of Special K, we were sort of invited into Rainman's studio and we got to see K as he was being developed. It was so great!! Rainman shared his thoughts about K and you almost felt like you were privy to the creative process. I really loved how Rainman wanted to include us by posting teasers, and then progress photos of K. I wonder why he didn't do that this time?
    14. I'm curious about his size. Do we know if he's going to be a normal Elfdoll boy (Wu or K body) or if he'll be in a different scale?
    15. Oh, man. A different scale. <3 I'm all for seeing some new big boys, but, come on, Elfdoll. Start making some smaller scale babies! I would love to buy more MSD sized ones from them!
    16. Okay..... the Elfdoll site is back up but NO new guy. I wonder what happened.
    17. I can't access the website, just see the page with the sillouette of the new boy with no links to enter the site......is it just me?
    18. Yep, the same for me, so they're just holding everyone in suspense! :?