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Elfdoll boy: Wu

Jan 19, 2006

    1. Elfdoll is working on their first Rainy sized male doll. His name is Wu. They have told us he is to be a darker toned skin than Ryung, Soah and Sooah. This doll was sculpted by Rainman during the holiday season. We were told they were having trouble getting the "skin" right which is why they haven't released pictures to us. But he's coming.
    2. Okay, after I posted this thread, Elfdoll has put up teaser photos (an eye, etc.) They're not showing the whole doll but I guess I can't say we haven't seen any photos anymore.
    3. Oh - more than an eyeball - we get a nose and lip, a hand and a tiny bit of torso...but I would be happy with a boy tiny elfdoll too since I would have a better chance of getting him through an American seller than the banji I'm thinking about.
    4. I guess Rainman's been visiting us too much. Used to be our's were the only girls who got ornery with each other but now it's spread to elfdoll (and you notice that it's a Ryung who's the doing the intimidating - sounds just like another doll site).

      For those of you who want a tiny male, I suggest posting your thoughts on elfdoll. We starting asking for one on our site (which they visit and have several members there) and also on their's and they listened. This is one bjd company that really pays attention to what their customers are asking for. The key is you have to ask however.
    5. We were told by Janis at Sunrise Dolls this afternoon that he'll be ready by end of the month. That's only a week and a half away.
    6. You already know this, right? Dollmore Dean is a male sculpt by Rainman for a 60cm doll.

      Dollmore has continued with other artists since, but Rainman used to do quite a bit of work for other companies.

      Ann in CT
    7. I'm really curious what he'll look like... And problems with the resin? Does that mean he'll be considerably darker? So myserious!
    8. Wonder what kind of clothes Wu will fit into if any? The Rainy dolls had very little available in shoes and outfits until very recently because they were bigger than all the other 60cm girls. If Wu is scaled the same way, he may not fit into many of the things that are out there now. There may be a lot of naked Wus sitting around for several months until the shoe and clothes market catches up with him.
    9. Since Elfdoll usually issues their initial releases as a special dressed doll at higher cost and then follows it up with a standard undressed version down the road, would you be more likely to buy the special or wait for the standard if this is the case with this doll?
    10. It depends what the special one comes with, like extra hands, a neat outfit, wig, that sort of stuff.

      I didn't get Special Sooah because although her highheeled feet were cool and the handbag hand was nice i wasn't keep on the outfit, I'm glad standard sooah comes with glasses for the first month, those are cool!
    11. Elfdoll had a vague message this morning saying release on this doll will be the first week of February.
    12. Elfdoll has told me that the first Wu will be a Special Edition as speculated in one of my earlier messages. Wu will be issued as a standard doll at a later date.
    13. Is that really a prototype of Wu?? Its a lovely sculpt, but he ummm looks a bit feminine....

    14. No, I think thats just one of the many busts Rainman sculpts. If you go through his gallery, he sculpts alot of little characters, either based on historical or cultural figures, even TV characters.

    15. I agree Mandiiv, its way too feminine compared the preview pics of Wu seen earlier.

    16. Rainman visited our group just now and told us this is not Wu. So Wu is still a secret, and he shared another big secret with us too BUT we're not going to share that one with you guys just yet . . . though if you join the Yahoo Group you can find out.
    17. Um, I read that little blurb he wrote under that pic, and to confirm it, it's definitely not Wu. ^^;

      The message is someat like this:
      "Here's an update after a long time. This is a simple bust. Now to rainman's gallery~~"
      So basically, that sculpt was just a bust he made, like the hedgehog.

      Back on Wu, OMG *____* After those preview pics... *makes grabby hands* I waaant~