Elfdoll Boys -- How Big Are They?

Nov 1, 2008

    1. I would really like to know how big the taller body Elfdoll boys are (not the old shorter body). I'm pretty sure they are NOT 65cm tall as officially stated . . . can anyone pretty please tell me how tall they ACTUALLY are? :daisy

      I am looking for a boy that is at least somewhat taller than a long-leg SD13 boy and am wondering if an Elfdoll boy could fit the bill 'cause I really love Red. Any help would be very appreciated! :)

      p.s. I'm sure the answer to this has been posted SOMEWHERE on DoA, but after sorting through multiple searches and over a dozen pages of search results I give up. :sweat Most of the potentiually useful stuff I found was either too old (pre-tall body) or the pics were broken.
    2. The taller Elfdoll guys are about 63cm, about the same height as the Lati Redline guys and the the SD Iplehouse guys. They aren't as tall as my Soom Spinel who is 65cm.
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    3. The tall ElfDoll boys' legs and hips are more slender than the Volks long leg boys. SD13 sized trousers can be too large for them. Also, they have very small feet!! My Red can wear a lot of SD shoes.

      Linda S.
    4. Patrice S ~ thank you for the info! ^_^

      qiaobian ~ wow, that is EXACTLY the kind of pic I would want to see, thanks a bunch! *bows to your superior searching abilities*

      galatia9 ~ I never would have thought of that, thanks! It helps give a better idea of their overall size and not just their height.

      Well, looks like its back to the drawing board for me. I always thought Volks SD13 boys were kinda short compared to the Lati/Iplehouse/Elfdoll boys but I guess they are pretty close! On the bright side, now I know I can get one of those boys for a different character that's supposed to be about as tall as an SD13 boy. ;)