Elfdoll Catsy discussion thread 3

Aug 15, 2015

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    1. Wonderful miniatures, phanuel! You find the nicest things! :fangirl:
    2. The sofa was actually a gift from my daughter. It's in a slightly smaller scale than Catsy but doesn't look too off. We're going to have to make more posts now that there's a "thread 3"!!
    3. That sofa was perfect for your little octopus guy, though, and it's very nicely done, phanuel! :kitty2

      Yeah, just got the redirect to number 3 now. It's one of those love/hate things for me when they make us start another thread. On one hand, it's nice we've had enough posts to warrant it and on the other, some of my favorite pics were on the last one. Our first thread has disappeared and I wonder if number 2 will eventually follow suit. Anyway, I do have a few pic ideas for Catsy, but they'll require a lot of work to set up and I'm kind of in that "point and shoot" mode of just taking it easy and keeping it simple right now. Hope I can get up the energy to do more complex ones soon.
    4. Yeah, I couldn't find the first thread either but I wonder if that was a mistake. Why would the mods deliberately post a link to nowhere? We could also gradually repost our favorite pics in context. Goodness knows there are tons of repeat posts in the game threads.
      I tend to take more pictures of my larger and/or latest dolls, but I still love my kitties and have so many props, I should make it a rule to take more photos of them.
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    5. What a fabulous pic, phanuel! A little back alley action going on there! :kitty2
    6. I love all the pics phanuel! You have the greatest props. And those hats!
    7. Great pictures, phanuel (as always). "Boxcars" makes me think of the movie "Guys and Dolls" for some reason -- which means the octopus is singing "Luck be a lady" (a la Sinatra).
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    8. Thanks, guys, I was in a "Guys and Dolls" frame of mind! The hats are by Heidi Ott, but the one in the middle got melted by a photo lamp. I kind of like it that way.
    9. Awww, found the new thread, and fab pics to kick it off phanuel! I finished a new bedroom for ginger catsy today - white catsy is hanging out there too at the mo...
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    10. How lovely, shrink​! Great room and wonderful poses.
    11. Wonderful pic, shrinkomatic! Her new bedroom looks lovely! :fangirl:
    12. That is a wonderful picture, shrinkomatic! Do you have any plans for other room boxes for your Catsy dolls?
    13. Found two old wooden doll beds in an antique store today.
      [​IMG]Bedtime stories by Nadine, on Flickr

      And I thought of this picture while watching Father Brown last night.
      [​IMG]Father Purley by Nadine, on Flickr
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    14. Fab mini beds phanuel, and love your Father Brown - great outfit!
      And thanks all re the bedroom! They do have quite a few room boxes (it's the hobby that got me into bjds :)...
      Here's a gratuitous pic of the bedroom in full:

      And here they are having a little drinkie, to welcome in the new thread :)
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    15. Your rooms are gorgeous! I especially love the flooring and wallpaper.
    16. Wow- I'm gone a day and what wonderful pics you've both posted! :fangirl:

      Love those vintage beds, phanuel! What a great find and you created such a wonderful setting for them - it makes for such a charming pic! Love it! Great pic of Father Brown, too! He looks like one very serious chap! :kitty2

      Your rooms are amazing in their detail and beauty, shrinkomatic! That bedroom is every girl's dream and the parlor, complete with bar, is so posh - just look at those gleaming wood floors! Who wouldn't want to have a "drinkie" there?! :kitty2
    17. I took the easy way out, although less easy than it looks, and just took this pic of my Catsy girls wearing Japanese school girl uniforms aka sailor suits. The difficult part was that I actually had to remove the heads on two of them to get those tops on them. Those two fashions (red bow and blue tie) were made by Azone for their 1:12 scale Picco Neemo dolls, which I have a few of. The other is also from Japan, but I don't know who made it.

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    18. Adorable outfits! Any photo with these critters standing is a difficult one. Those knees do like to buckle.