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elfdoll catsy

Jan 8, 2010

    1. The site is not viewable to non-members :(
    2. OMG they are wonderful, thank you Rainman!!

      Are they limited?
      Is the cat body included when you purchase a doll?
      Are there any pictures of the boy body somewhere? (omg, tiny boy body!!)
      I really hope this is the sign our "human" tinies will have boyfriends soon! ^^
    3. There are 3 new female Catsy, and 3 new male Catsy. There are no pictures of the male bodies that I can find.
    4. Feather > I'm not sure reposting is allowed by Elfdoll. ^^;

      2otaku > The "members only" thing is not new, there are discussions here about it. They re-opened registrations from 01 January to 07, because people asked, maybe there will be other possibilities to register this year?
    5. The cat body is included, the cat statue is not. They will sell these Catsys from now till the end of the month, and then again in March.
    6. There is a picture of the Catsy boy body in orange skin under the "[TINY] Catsy body" category.

      There are tons of tiny outfits for the boys and the girls up as well.

      As for the Catsys themselves, it's either boy&girl couple fullsets that come in three different face molds and colors, one in white, one in orange, one in grey, or it's the responding single fullsets (boy or girl), or buy one of the head molds and a body seperately.
      There is also an additional set of bigger cat paws and feet for Catsy.

      It's nearly overwhelming^^
    7. Can someone please post pics here so that we can all see? Thank you!
    8. I've uploaded all the pictures here, though Tinypic seems to have resized a lot of them :/

      I don't see any notice on their website saying not to repost the pictures, but I can delete them all at any time if they want.
    9. (EDIT: Beaten to it!)




    10. Is there a discussion thread for this yet?