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Elfdoll Catsy

Sep 9, 2005

    1. I really want to get a Catsy and was wondering what sized clothes fit her. For instance can she wear Bratz clothes or dare I say it Barbie sized stuff? :roll:

      Thanks for your help! :wink:
    2. i think someone said that lil' bratz clothes fit, but it's a little hit-or-miss. i know that dawn clothes fit though. just look on ebay for them.
    3. Bratz Babyz clothes do fit Elfdolls, specifically Catsy :)

      Barbie clothes would be far too big for them, though -- some Barbie clothes fit my Unoa Light, who is 25cm, as opposed to 14cm for the Elfdolls (I have Min Del Re, although Catsy has a slightly larger bust). Barbie is a good inch and a half taller than a Unoa Light, to give you some idea:



      Jinx in a Bratz Babyz skirt:


      It looked like the Lil' Bratz (keychain-sized doll) stuff was way too small for Elfdolls. I think that some regular-sized Bratz tops might fit them, but I haven't tried any on.

      Hope this is helpful!

      -- Andi :)
    4. Li'l Bratz Babiez (which are different from normal Bratz Babies; those are quite big and have MSD-sized clothes :wink: ) have been my best (and only, really) resource for clothes for Haru. The only downside to this is that there's a very limited selection; without buying dolls, there are only I think four fashion packs you can get separately.

      Lil Bratz are too small; there's no way in hell the bottoms fit, and the tops won't fit over her boobies. *_* The stretchier ones -will- get across, but then I have trouble velcroing them, and half of her boobs end up hanging out anyway... and the long sleeve shirt I got wouldn't fit over her hands on the way up.

      Kelly clothes fit, though a bit baggy sometimes, they look fine. However, Haru would kill me if I tried to put her in anything like that; she's barely letting me get away with giving her a Kelly Halloween costume! :wink: She's way too much of a punky girl!

      I agree with Ashbet that some Bratz tops -might- fit, but I haven't tried any either. They make me so mad; I -wish- I could get the normal Bratz clothes to fit her! Maybe I'll try next time I'm out with her.

      Good luck! I know you'll love your li'l Catsy!
    5. Loose-fitting Dawn and Dawn-clone (Pippa, Rockflowers, etc) clothes should fit too. Dawn's waist was smaller than Elfdoll's and Dawn's bust is larger. So A-line dresses, low-cut pants, coats, etc. might fit.

      Plus there are the Elfdoll clothes - best selection is at http://www.shop4dollsandbears.com and expect them to be pre-order.

      For shoes - I have read that Barbie's little sister Kelly's shoes fit Elfdolls. You can find used lots and new sets of shoes for Kelly on Ebay and I guess at Toy R Us etc. Does Catsly come with bare feet too or just boot feet and shoe feet?

      For furniture - 1/12 scale regular dollhouse and 1/12 scale kid's dollhouse (like Fisher Price "Loving Family") are easiest to find but there are several other 1/12 scale dollhouses.


      BTW - my favorite little chair when working on one of my Elfdolls is the Fisher Price rocking chair that is tan wood-look with a pink seat and back. Elfdolls sit in it well, and because it has arms and tilts back slightly so I don't have to worry about them falling out of the chair.
    6. Catsy comes with boot feet and bare feet, plus an extra set of hands, IIRC :)

      -- Andi <3
    7. But not the adorable ribbon necklace of the first edition.. *sob* :cry:
    8. I just switched the elf shoes to regular feet on my elfdolls, and found that my Heidi Ott dollhouse lady's shoes fit well. A pair that my dollhouse doll had been wearing went on pretty easily, but the new, unworn shoes seemed too tight. Since they are made of a rubbery plastic, I stretched and bent the new shoes until they were a little looser and they fit as well. The shoes come in a range of colors but only in a medium high heeled pump style.
      Dawn boots don't fit at all, and some Kelly shoes do and others don't. Kelly has 14mm feet, same as the Elfdolls, but her feet are chunkier.
      Also, not all the official Elfdoll clothes fit well. Some may be designed for the Monnaemi Sisters, who have a different figure, or maybe I'm just too picky, but none of the denim clothes looked good on my Lyn and Sylph. Some dolllhouse size clothes fit but it's really hard to tell from a picture on a monitor.
      Good luck with your Catsy.
    9. Sorry -- Elfdolls have 18mm feet. Nari-pons have 14mm feet. Both can wear SOME Kelly shoes. Tommy shoes are sometimes larger (the doll looks like the same body to me, but larger shoes look more boyish, I guess) and may fit Elfdolls better, but the styles are less cute.
    10. Hi! Anticipating the arrival of my Catsy, does anyone know if she can wear "Bratz babyz" or tiny Bratz clothes? Or tell me what you dress your's in :D

    11. The little Bratz Babyz fit just fine! Unfortunately there's only three (or four, including a swimsuit one) different styles. @_@ The tiny normal Bratz are, in my experience, too small... they won't wrap around her hips, boobs, and hands @_@. Which is a shame since they're so cute XD

      I think there's a thread in here somewhere about what they can wear...
    12. Thanks so much :D

      I've spent the last hour checking for info on Catsy & admiring your's/everyones' here--i'm so anxious for mine to arrive...
    13. I've heard that Dawn clothes fit quite well.
    14. Eh-oh! If Dawn clothes fit, I may be in trouble. I've got a whole collection of Dawn-sized clothing, including stuff from the mini Britney Spears doll. Can't you just see Catsy skanking around in her naughty-schoolgirl oufit? Or the red leather jumpsuit?

      And here I thought I was safe from minis.... :barf
    15. Heh :wink:
    16. If you're desperate, Kelly and Tommy outfits work as well, they just have to be cinched in the back a bit... Tommy pants fit like long shorts... tommy shoes fit better than kelly shoes...

      They may not be Catsy's style, but they'll keep her tuckus warm when winter gets here!

    17. It's so funny to go from looking for things that would suit a Super Dollfie sized doll, down
      to the teeniest clothes made :wink: [/i]
    18. I just noticed you have an Olivia. I can't remember if she has the mature body or not. I know Catsy will have to squeeze herself into a Monemoni(sp?) sister outfit, if it'll even go over her hips... she's shaped like the more mature style... happily wide hips and big boobs and a small waist. The kelly stuff fits OK since she' s got such big boobs (he he)

      If your Olivia has the mature body, your Catsy should be able to fit her stuff as well...

      They have the cutest little bodies!

    19. Thanks!!! Yes, i loved the fact that Olivia's & Bong's bodies were different-each cute in their own way :grin: