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ElfDoll Christmas Dolls & Fashions

Nov 20, 2005

    1. We are now accepting preorders for the 2005 ElfDoll Christmas Dolls & Fashion.

    2. OMG!!! Soah looks adorable!! Very sexy :D
    3. I'm a little sad that they're featuring "Winky" in their Christmas fashions when we can't even buy her--couldn't buy her when we wanted to and had sent money to preorder her, then they decided to put her on the back-burner.

      Any clues as to when they'll finally release her?

    4. Looks like Winky and a new doll, Wendy, will be released in a pair. I love Wendy!

    5. Lia you can buy her on her own ...from janis62 , she is on her web site and about 290.00 (if memory seves me right )
      but I dont think you can buy Wendy

      Jamis62 ...:p Has Wendy got Elf ears ???
    6. Thanks, hon! Unfortunately she's limited to 25 now that she's being released, and with the holidays and saving for Uyoo, I can't hold my breath that I'm going to be lucky enough to get her as a limited. I'll definitely hope for future releases, though!

      Thanks Again for the info!
    7. :D
      no problem sweetie
      I know the feeling , to many beautiful dolls not enough cash ...and Christmas around the corner ..Oh well

      Hope Elf release Wendy on her own next year , she is lovely , she reminds me a bit of the first tiny Elf doll RainMan did , she has painted eyes ...so hope she becomes available
      Im looking for another Elf with the mature body ...but want Elf ears too
    8. Wendy has painted eyes?! Wow, I didn't notice that! She does sort of remind me of those first pix we saw of the little red-haired elf with attitude in all of Rainman's stories on his site!! I do hope they release both her and Winky on their own and unlimited next year--and I *know* you and I are still holding out for that tiny boy elf!!:wink:

    9. Oh No ...not this Wendy *_*

      if you look at RainMans diary some of his early work there is a doll there
      , she was possibly one of the first mini ones , she looked like she had painted eyes (I will see if I can find a picture of her )
      she was so fine and delicate , I can remember e.mailed Lisa about her ...so that gives you an idea how long ago I saw the picture
      she was beautiful ..this doll reminds me of her ...she did have elf ears , he used pictures of her in a blue duffel coat , she was lovely
    10. I remember all those pictures--I used to have them saved to my HD too, but I think I got rid of them after the whole DP fiasco because I was so ticked off over it. :|

    11. Yeah , that was nasty :crushed
      I dont have Rainmans site in my Faves anymore either .. my Old Pc died , so no links
    12. http://www.rainmandoll.com/ :grin:

    13. Ooh, I've never seen that before. Thanks for the link; all that stuff will probably keep me occupied for some time. :grin:
    14. You're more than welcome, harveycat! Rainman's site is *huge* with pix, so I'm sure you'll have a great time exploring it!

    15. thanks Lia ...off to drool over the little red head again