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Elfdoll Christmas Sooah !

Oct 31, 2005

    1. What do you get if you mix Ryung and Soah ? Sooah of course ...

      I told myself that I didn't need a rainman sculpt, but THIS girl makes it more tempting. -sigh-

      ~ Jay

    2. ooh, Jay! She's so pretty... ^_^ I hope you do get her (hehe) so I can perv on her. I really like the mix between Soah and Ryung. Plus, the outfit is gorgeous too!
    3. the outfit is so nice :D

      oh well last i heard the shoes are painted on... i wonder if that mean she can;'t wear other shoes?

      copied from shopdollsand bears

      5. NOTE: The high heels are painted on the resin and not removeable
    4. ooo what gorgeous eyes and lips! :o
    5. The shoes are like, moulded into the feet, like with Unoa high heels. She couldn't wear other shoes ontop of those, but she comes with an extra pair of normal, flat feet so she can wear other shoes.
    6. Hmmm, thought so, I don't like the idea of painted shoes. At least you get regular "feet" with her.

      Yes Loki, I think THIS will be my Elf doll. But I'll wait for a basic version. Not fussed with the "shoes", and it will give me (more) time to save up.
    7. Ooohh! She is pretty! :o I really love Ryung...but she's even more beautiful! XD

      ... *now torn between getting Lishie or Sooah* *_* Waagg...two pretty lady dolls...so hard to choose!
    8. i think the normal version would be nice :D

      although i am gonna own a soah and Ryung so i dun think i'll buy her :P might juz see wat's with the normal version :D
    9. I'm definately interested in a standard Sooah. She is just gorgeous.
    10. All his girls rock!