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Elfdoll.com redesigned!! New elfdoll Lin!

Jun 7, 2005

    1. The elfdoll.com site has been completely redesigned. Not everything is available for sale yet, but it appears that all Rainman dolls (including Soah, with a new picture) and their accoutrement will be available for purchase.

      The new elfdoll Lin looks a lot like Adel, very cute! Best of all, it says that credit card orders will be shipped in a matter of days, no more waiting!

      So exciting! :D
    2. eeek! i JUST saw! i'm soo excited but, just to me, Lin looks much like Dodo, but i never had a good eye for those types of things. It looks much better than the old site. i realy like Lin, except.. i wonder if she comes with those fists she is shown with in the picture. I would rather the standard hands.. but that's besides the point! i'm excited about the new site!
    3. soah has that amazing asian look *drools*
      and the new doll looks adorable! it's great that it's up, even though not everything is avaliable
    4. I like the new look site

      and the new girlie ! butr I so wanted a boy :(
    5. I think the new doll looks just like Dodo too! I have mine sitting next to me at the pc! :wink:
    6. Me too, Tinybear. We've been whining for a boy elfdoll for so long, I really thought maybe this time ...

      Lin really does look a lot like Dodo to me, with her little frowny pout. She's adorable, but I just had my heart set on a boy. I love the new look of the site, though!

    7. Unlimited Ryung? That's nice to know!

    8. Oooh, I really like Lin!
      (... and Soah's starting to grow on me, too.)
    9. I've already ordered the new Elf Dolls - Sylph, Lin, and Adel...

      Just waiting for the OK to post all the new pictures on my site.
    10. Shop4Dolls > do they come with the old outfits, or the ones show on the new ElfDoll site?
    11. The NEW outfits!!!
    12. Hurray for credit card orders! I personally detest Paypal.
    13. Soah and Ryung are so very, very beautiful - Rainman should be very proud of them. :)
    14. I saw they are not selling the Olivias (the ones with closed eyes) anymore, will they be available again one day or did they stop to make them?