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Elfdoll Edward

Apr 26, 2011

    1. Somehow, I don't think he is (have forgotten how I know this), but he is really wonderful.

      Edit post: I seem to remember that the Stuart Little doll Rainman made wasn't on topic so am only assuming this one isn't either. I think you are supposed to PM the mods if you want to post new or one-off anthro dolls, or you can post them anyway if you photograph them with an on-topic doll. I wish Rainman would sell these; I'd definitely buy one.
    2. Congrats on getting Edward, Cat777! He's so cute! I was so tempted by him, but boy, he sure sold out fast. Love his little trunk, too! :aheartbea
    3. oh I missed this one....didn't know he made more of them.....ah need to do a second hand search..........so cute
    4. Haha, I was gonna say "Oh, this looks like Stuart Little!". I'm sure it must be fun to pose this guy around. I'm not really into the realistic look, but the pictures sure are fun to look at!
      My guess is that he's off topic as he doesn't fulfill the first criteria (Asian/anime style), he's far too realistic-looking (though in his case, that's the whole point).
    5. One more pic with Lati Yellow ;)

      And hope to see more pics with this little cutie mouse :)
    6. He is adorable! Congratulations on having him.

      Like lin, I think he might be OT, though. I remember reading that Stuart Little was OT, but I'm not sure if that was before they started allowing anthros or not. It would be great if he were on topic.
    7. What is it great ^^ How did I miss it? :)
    8. As I can figure out he is a typical bjd except the eyes. They are not changeable as i can find. :fangirl: But all sleepy heads have the same point and absolutely OT here. And I’m happy that he is OT too.
      He poses very well. And have cute tiny hairs all over the body :lol:
      Will make more pics with him soon ;)
    9. Oops, I should have clarified what I posted. OT was short for "off topic". I realize now some people use OT as "on topic". I think one of the things they have to have is changeable eyes. Still, I am not a moderator so you would have to contact them to see if he is indeed on topic or not.

      Wow, tiny hairs all over the body?
    10. yes I think he is of topic, but he is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!really want one, but then I never see one for sale
    11. Moderator've already moved this thread to this subforum. So he is on topic here. You don't need worry. :fangirl:
    12. He's adorable! And love him in the picture with Lati Yellow. :)
    13. If you look in the wiki under "off-topic dolls" and scroll down to anthros you will see this listing:

      "Elfdoll Idex bunny, Seedlings (Sissy 1, 2 & 3), Baby Alice (piglet), Baby Ian (piglet), Edward (mouse)" (emphasis added)

      More's the pity, he is absolutely adorable! But the thread probably got moved rather than deleted because he's in a picture with an on-topic doll :)