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Elfdoll Esheki discussion

Dec 14, 2007

    1. Click here for a teaser

      It looks like a tiny boy the size of Monnaemi Sisters/Adel/Lyn/Syph. I'm really excited about this. I hope Rainman shows us more photos soon.

      and thats the boy in the box >LOL

      and thats twice this week I have hyperventilated over an Elf doll (she says sneeking a peek at Dodo )

      I would just dye ...I have waited forever for an Elf Boy ...a real boy ...(not a Hana- no- bits -so- to- me -its- a -girl-boy )

      OMG ...Im acting like a raving fool
    3. Wow that was some story! That little boy is going to be pretty tough!
    4. Ok I have calmed down

      Wow it looks like a new tiny sculpt . those hands and ankles look very baby like

      but a new Rain Man is enought to get my heart raceing
    5. oh. I cant wait to see him.
      I'm so with you tinybear, a boy needs boy bits. I've 'made' some for a couple of my BC boys, but i prefer em to come that way rather than play surgeon.
    6. He's going to be something special, I think--not just a regular boy. Is that a surgical mask he is wearing in the teaser pics? Maybe he lives in a box because he is sick and afraid to go out in the world?

      Oh my, keep us posted!!!!
    7. His legs look a lot stockier than the 14cm Elfdolls' legs. He looks like something entirely new.

    8. Elfdoll is evil. Really evil. If it's not a new big handsome boy or girl, it's some new tiny creature. I will never have any money again. *sigh*
    9. Yeah-- he looks like a new sculpt.. very toddler-ish.. will be cool either way. :)
    10. You're right. His hands and ankles are more baby-like. I hope he is 14 cm size. Then he can be a baby-brother for my MinDelRe.
    11. 12 -14 cm ...I woudl die !
      I love that size ...we need a new Elf tiny
    12. I love that little dude in the box!!!! and that cute little seal!
      About the doll:
      He seems to have the proportions of the new tiny to me, but who knows mabye I'll ne suprised!
    13. Ok hands up everyone who is stalking the site now LOL
    14. I am! I can't wait to see him, I love the tinies :aheartbea
    15. Waving frantically----I can't wait to see him. The date says 12-7 tho---
      where is he?
    16. OOOPS... I am wrong.... this is the new little boy doll from the new 1/6 size Angel of Dream dolls. SORRY!! Link: WWW.aoddoll.net
      He is shown here at the Elfdoll Showroom XMas Party on Dec. 8th, in Glendale CA. Defnintely a new body style than the other tinies. This is why I thought that he was a new ELFDOLL!! Ooops!

    17. Yes, something completely different. XD;


      PS: Th1, the photo is AOD dolls being shown by Aaron the AOD dealer. :) Not any new Elfdoll.
    18. If you look closely, the BOY is kicking the little animal and yelling at the boy in the box--look at how they show his foot, and the black silouette/shadow clearly shows the elastic "strings" of the mask or whatever it is around his ears.


      a little monster??
    19. Me! Me! I can't wait to see more pictures.

      Elfdoll posted that on the 11th of December. Judging by the dates, it seems that Elfdoll usually updates the doll stories about 7 days later. So maybe we'll get an update very, very soon ^_^
    20. mabye he's Yo-sd sized, like 30cm tall.