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Elfdoll eyes - size??????

May 7, 2005

    1. Can they be changed??? and if so is it easy and what size do they take???
    2. I change my girls eyes all the time

      Bong and Min take 6mm , Jin/ Sylph take 8mm , I can even get away with 9mm too
      I tend to go for Masterpeice eyes simply because I like the colours :D and they are such a good fit
    3. I use 6 mm eyes from Artistique, i was surprised how easy it was to change the eyes too:)
    4. i'll just ask in this thread to not make a new one

      are there any other companies that sell 6 mm eyes, other than Masterpiece and Artistique?

      i would like to look at all kind of eyes to find the best ones for my Linnea (Min Del Re).

      which eyes are your favourites in this size?
    5. I do know glastec realistic eyes go that small, BUT I wouldn't buy them again because they don't bother to refine the printed paper that sit behind the clear glass dome, and it's very pixelized. If Masterpiece keeps the details good at small scale, they may very well be worth it. If not, stick with glass eyes, in my opinion. Where to get them that small, I'm not so sure... As I only purchased the plastic ones and wasn't all that happy with them.

    6. Wow this is an old thread ...when we first has our tinys it was very hard to get small anything
      its much easier now ...now I use Kemper glass eyes , they are fantastic
      and very realistic , natural and a great price

      the only thing I dont like about the very small masterpeice is the dome ...they look a bit goldfish like
      ..bubble eye
      Its harder to take photos of them they are like a paperwight ..so I dont like them now

      Pupa paradise ..I think they do 6mm too , they do do 8mm
    7. thanks Ingie and Carrie, i also figured it's best to go with silicone or glass eyes.

      Carrie thanks for mentioning Kemper eyes, i had forgotten they had eyes too!

      hmm i have been looking for Elfdoll tinies that have light eyes and i found one, does anyone know what kind of eyes these could be, in the seventh picture, of little Min Del Re?

      that's a really nice color, light and a little shining/glowing.
      or if someone knows where i can get similar light colors like that?

      ooh i found one pair in that pupa store (thanks Carrie)


      if anyone knows of similar light colors please let me know!
      i think i'd rather want greyish or blueish or purpleish or white, but in this style.