Elfdoll Girl June Discussion

Apr 30, 2007

    1. Oh my! What a lovely face!
    2. She's so gorgeous! I love her eyes.
    3. That noise you hear? That's my wallet crying. XD
    4. Oh, WOW. I mean, Elfdoll's always been the leader in making appealing girl sculpts (in my opinion), but...*whistle*

      Her eyes and lips are fabulous!
    5. *incoherent babble* Hogod, Rainman does it again. ^^ It looks like I'll be buying from this company forever.

      *considers whether to switch Elizabeth from Lishe to June* XD;;
    6. I'm in the same boat as you. =D My wallet, it screamed in pain as soon as I saw her. I think Jan might have himself a girlfriend. XDD
    7. Those lips are so amazing and the way her eyes are set
      makes it look like she's considering something carefully.
      She's beautiful and really has an air of realism.
    8. I hate Rainman...

      *weeps and hides her from Dennis* Resistice will be sooooooo hard...
    9. If I didn't already have a Rainydoll, and I weren't so hell-bent on diversifying my collection (2 Dreaming Lishe heads, after all...) I would be all over ordering her.

      As it is, I only want her a lot. ^_^
    10. I adore her direct expression.........I hope she will come in a snow skin version!
    11. Oh my. She looks to me like an older sister to Lusis and Sist. Ugh. SO GORGEOUS. Even though I am already swamped with dolls that I am aching to buy, she might have to be added pretty high on that list. <333
    12. She looks very beautiful, tho she reminds me a bit of Sooah.
    13. she reminds me of angelina jolie. :D
    14. Yes, she does look like Angelina Jolie, absolutely gorgeous.:aheartbea
    15. I wonder if Rainman likes Angelina Jolie as well, she does have a resemblense. Those lips are to die for, gives Iplehouse Silvia a contest on pout kissable lips.
    16. I still see Jolene Blalock......but Ruru is more like Jolene. I think Rainman likes movie stars in general!
    17. Is it me, or does she kinda look like a NS Ruru?
    18. June has fuller lips, and eyes that are set more deeply and have a more oriental air to them. Also, June's chin comes to a rounded point, while Ruru has a more square jaw.

      At least, that's the way it seems to me. :sweat
    19. What time does Elfdoll restock their site on the 1st of each month? *refreshes the Elfdoll site over and over*