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Elfdoll Glasses

May 22, 2006

    1. The eyeglasses that were given as a gift with Sooah are now available for order through both Elfdoll and various dealers. You have a choice of four different colors. See the Elfdoll sales page site for pictures. They are in the accessories for Rainy Dolls.
    2. Does anyone know if these glasses are compatible with other molds?
    3. You ought to use the head circumference as a rule of them. The Rainys are like 8 1/2 inches so if the doll you want to use these on is somewhere near there, you should be fine.
    4. That was my first thought, but I couldn't seem to find the circumfrence on the rainydoll site. just the height of the doll. I could've easily overlooked it though. Thank you for coming up with the measurements. yay for CP boys having huge heads...
    5. XD I would love to get a pair for my El!!!