Elfdoll Hana Discontinued - April,2007

Apr 9, 2007

    1. it's the whole idea of having something Limited.. seems that many of the BJD companies limit the dolls they make.. this is nothing new and honestly think that they will then make something new and exciting..

    2. she has ...and if anyone wants there Hana before they disapear
      she will do layaway too :)
    3. Second that!! His 'Red' girl looks amazing. I hope he releases her. Do you think if we emailed Rainman about it that he might do so?
    4. Noooooo! I Hate This! I Want Hana! :x
    5. I didn't know it would be a 6 monthes limited...I'm so glad that I already have my little devil.
    6. I wouldn't mind having a Hana sized doll, but I didn't like most of the expressions---sad/angry dolls are NOT for me---so I didn't go for her. The 8" size is wonderful, though, and I am sure there will be more.

      Wouldn't a PROPER boy tiny be great! I would break my "no boys" rule for that one!
    7. I wanted Devil Hana from the first time I saw him, but he wasn't at the top of my want list.. until I read this conversation. It sort of bumped him up to the top, so I've ordered him. I am anxious to see if we bond.
    8. there is a hana angel on ebay, for those who are looking for one.