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Elfdoll Hana

Oct 29, 2007

    1. I've completely fallen in love with Elfdoll Hana and would love to get one but I see the special Halloween versions don't come with the smiling faceplate :( Does anyone know whether Elfdoll might release another version of Hana with the smiling faceplate or how much I would be looking at spending getting a pre owned Hana? I tried posting a question on Elfdolls website but couldn't get it to work.

      Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place...
    2. Im not sure about elfdoll doing a new one with a smiley face. Ive just got a elfdoll hana second hand and i paid $353 including shipping from australia. I love her to bits!
    3. I've just received my halloween boy and it came with the smiling face plate. Though it wasn't painted and didn't have eyes. I was so surprised. I did buy mine from Junkyspot.com. I can't see that Emory would have anything different though. Perhaps they all come with an unpainted smiling face plate.
    4. That would be really cool if they did come with the smiling faceplate unpainted. Wonder if anyone else has had that happen?
    5. Yes that would be great, maybe I'll ask some places if they come with the smiling plate, thankyou both :D
    6. Hi, Valli... I thought that your smiling faceplate replacement was for your Hana Devil with the tanned skintone????

      WELL, I just saw this auction on eBay (link below). Guess HB comes with the smiling face, but no faceup?? What's up with that??? The ad on Elfdoll does not show or say that he has a smiling face? Guess they had to fill up that last cutout in the black foam in the box.

      HeeHee... now, who wants to try their hand at doing a faceup??? More anxiety!! Not me!! LOL!!


    7. Just to clarify, I bought HB as a replacement for my doll and only later discovered there wasn't a smiling face (but now we know there is) - this is confusing, but I also wrote to Elfdoll to ask them to make up the missing faceplates for my tanned HD. I'm still waiting on their response. In the meantime, I've been offered the angry and the sleeping face from a friend. I'm still hoping I can get the smiling one eventually as that is my favourite. Sorry this was such a wiggly windy tale. *smile*
    8. WOW thats great news Valli ...I Love the smiley face ...it is my Merry and Moana

      I rarely use the other faces as this one has so much character
    9. Indeed it does.