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Elfdoll - Hyacinth - Limited Edition

Aug 2, 2009

    1. Has anyone seen the new Limited Edition Elfdoll Hyacinth? She can only be purchased from Denver Dolls Emporium. Since they only received 20 dolls on the 24th of July they were sold out in less than a week! She is a beautiful doll and I was wondering if she might come out again on an open list.
    2. I gotta say, She has the most gorgeous face of any doll I've seen so far. Not innocent at all! I want to put her in a Nun outfit for the funny it would give me :D
      Most human looking face (adult, at least) Doll I've seen too, I think.
      I might have to track down the wig they used at least, I want a nice pink wig. I wonder why it doesn't come complete? Seems like a waste of design.
    3. Yea, I wondered that too. Many dolls at least come with a wig. Her face is very adult looking. It might be all the pink tones.
    4. I think its the facial structure personally. She has a very elongated face from what I saw, and that will always "age" a doll. Plus the sexy look on her face. You just can't imagine it being on a child! (Or if you can, go to jail now >_> )
    5. Hey, Rinse - I soooo agree with you. A special doll and no hair? Hello? I saw a pale pinkish wig on JPop's webbie a while ago. You might check there. When I saw this sculpt I about died - had been looking for another big girl (Dia, Ida, Surie, Lily) and nothing really made me wave plastic. Yesssss, this has got to be Rainman's most gorgeous sculpt ever, IMNSHO, lol. Hope you find that pink wig.
    6. I think it's probably a jpopdolls wig. Though I haven't seen many of the other elfdoll specials listed as coming with wigs -- I know Bambu didn't, and I don't think the special Ruru did, either, though I did see one site that gave you the option to order it also. (I think it was also a jpopdolls wig, one of the Reiya ones.)
    7. She's such a lovely sculpt and I love this version. I dawdled and missed out. Maybe one will come up for sale eventually.