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Elfdoll is ending production of Soah and Ryung in January

Nov 28, 2007

    1. Here is the posting from their announcement link:

      Advance Notice of Changes Coming to Elfdoll in 2008

      1. First of all, Elfdoll will produce new Rainy Doll bodies in 2008. The current Rainy Doll bodies won't be produced after the end of December 2007.

      2. Elfdoll will stop producing Soah and Ryung on January 1st, 2008. Soah and Ryung will be released only as special exclusive versions in the future.

      Thank you for your warm support and love of Soah and Ryung since 2004.

      Elfdoll appreciates your understanding of our decision, and hopes you will love and support our new dolls in the future.

      3. Elfdoll is currently selling the standard version dolls every month. But, after January 1st 2008, Elfdoll will provide the standard version dolls only every 3~4 months.

      4. The Reminisce heads of K, Mir, and Emma will be released in December 2007.

      Elfdoll hopes you will understand why we have decided to end the continuous production of Soah and Ryung. Our action is due to new changes and improvement of Elfdoll in 2008.

      Thank you so much always.
    2. Will we be able to purchase the new bodies separately?

    3. They don't mention the Reminisce head for June?
    4. Is that just the girl bodies, or both boy and girl?
    5. Just FYI, you guys, these questions aren't generally answered by Elfdoll on DoA, you have to go to their Q&A on the actual website to get answers. The OP was just copy and pasting a news post. :)
    6. Yes, if you go to their website and click on the link 'announcements' on the left side and you will see the post. I just copied and pasted it here because I thought a lot of people might miss it since it's not on the main page, and then in January . . . :( .
    7. Ms.Cholong may be able to get answers for you, since she runs the Elfdoll Showroom in Glendale, CA.
    8. Hello dear~~
      Here is the answer for you guys questions.

      Q1) Will we be able to purchase the new bodies separately?
      A1) Elfdoll has not sold any doll's body seperately before. And we are still keeping this thinking way.

      Q2) They don't mention the Reminisce head for June?
      A2) Yes, she will also get the reminisce head..
      Elfdoll's all Rainy doll's Reminisce heads will be able to order on 10th December.
      (Soah/ Sooah/ Ryung/ Lydia/ June/ Wu/ Red/ K/ Mir)

      Q3) Is that just the girl bodies, or both boy and girl?
      A3) Actually we have a plan to release both.. but you can meet our new girl body at first.

      Thanks for your all questions about us.

      Yes.. if you can join our Christmas party, I can do for everything!!

      See you and thanks again.

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      Artmaze USA Inc.
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