Update Elfdoll is Re-Opening!!!

Dec 14, 2017

    1. I opened my email this morning to find a notice from elf doll that they are re-opening!!! :D

      Their website is already up with a new sculpt, Rachel.
      The notice also said there would be some kind of re-release of older sculpts!


      Edit: Here's the email image :)

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    2. Wonderful news! When are they accepting orders?
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    3. It's such a great news! I hope they re-release Eun-A... ^^
      Do you know if Elfdoll used to sell heads only too? And if there is a possibility that they will do so this time?
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    4. Looks like you can already order Lovely Rachel. Go to Rachel's category "Lovely", and click on the Rachel you want, Rachel A, Rachel B, or Rachel C. Once you're on Rachel's page, you can choose her resin colour (Normal, White), then you can choose Faceup or None. Then, you can add her to your cart or Buy it Now. You need to be logged into the website.

      I had to register for this website too (I guess it's brand-new). This gave me the 10% coupon valid until 2018-03-15.

      Rachel is indeed lovely. I like the new MSD body design for her:
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    5. Reminder, the member who posted this news thread is not a representative for Elfdoll.

      If you have any questions, you will need to ask them on the Elfdoll Q&A board.
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    6. Anyone has news about Elfdoll ? And if Rachel is by another artist than Rainman ?
      'cause i just found this. So far it seems to concern only Rainman's action figures and head and not a word about BJD but i'm still wondering what it means for Elfdoll (which belongs to Artmaze) and older dolls that were made by Rainman. :s

      I really really hope i'm worriyng over nothing so if anyone has reliable information, please share.

      Also, i saw on Elfdoll Q&A board several questions (with answers) about older doll but they're locked so no public answer.

      Sorry if i posted on the wrong thread.
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