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Elfdoll K - Standard Issue

Apr 6, 2007

    1. I was at the Elfdoll site and saw these new pictures of "K"! :o

      Ohmigawd! If it's possible, he's even more gorgeous with his new face-up and gray-silver eyes. That boy is smokin' hot!

      Looks like they may have softened his eyebrows so he doesn't look quite so moody as the Limited "K" did.

      If you were waiting for the standard issue...here he is!!! :aheartbea


    2. SO COOL!! @o@ He looks amazing as a standard!
    3. Yes! I totally agree. He looks very cool as a standard. I think my Dashiell may have to have a brother! :D
    4. What a fine one he is and he is standard! Very nice indeed:)
    5. Oh nice!... ya know I like him better as standard too.
    6. *cries* So pretty. He looks like Wu's older brother.
    7. I'm so happy to see him as a standard. (He'd only be $50 more than just buying a body... I'm tempted to get him and have both heads... XD)

      I hope to see more K's on the board. I'm still in love with this doll. The pictures really don't do him justice. ^^
    8. You are so right, Lone Sheep! The pictures don't do him justice. He so beautiful in person. I love my "K"! :aheartbea I was a big fan of Rainman's before (I own a Soah), but I think this sculpt is just amazing.

      The standard "K" has such a lovely new face-up, Im seriously considering getting another.
    9. He is gorgeous! Someone better hide my credit card before I give in to temptation! :sweat
    10. I'm so happy! I wanted him so bad but didn't have the money at the time of the special K sale! Hmm, I got myself Ryung for my 18th Birthday, maybe I'll get K fo my 19th...
    11. Which body is best, tall version or standard size?
    12. I couldn't resist... I just had to get one. I just sold my Wu, and I think this will be the best chance to upgrade him to a tall, gorgeous "K". <3

      I'm also going to try and give him a smirk. Eeee smarmy boy!
    13. Aside from the eyebrows I'm not seeing much difference between the two faceups. Also both dolls seem to have the eyes as "random in color" so there's no guarantee you'll get those eyes in the pic. That said, I think the K sculpt does look a lot better with those gray-silver eyes than with the blue ones in the Special pics.
    14. I already liked him as a limited but I like him even more now ^^
      And the wish-list grows....
    15. Congrats on getting a "K"!!! :fangirl: He will look good next to your Iple House boys. I can hardly wait to see the face-up you will give him!

      I've not had a standard size Elfdoll boy before, but I really like the new tall body that Special K has. (I like taller boys.)
    16. Oooh man, I can't wait to get my Special K. XD I do like the standard face-up too though! :)

      I mighta missed this elsewhere but...does K wear the same shoe size as Red/Wu?
    17. I see you up there timchener, gloating about selling Emerson/Wu! Poor Emerson....ousted for what? Just another pretty face?? tsk tsk....the shame you must feel!!!!!!!!!!!

      (he's gorgeous!)
    18. Wow, he is really pretty! He looks much older than the other Elfdoll boys - very nice indeed!
    19. Ahhh, he's going to work so perfect as Emerson. Poor guy's in his thirties. XD! Eeee! I CANNOT WAIT.
    20. WOW, he's gorgeous! Thank you, Rabbit Moon, for posting pics - IMNSHO he's the best Elf guy yet! I too am a total Rainman fan - have Soah, Sibara, Lydia and waiting on Sooah. This dude will make 'em swoon!