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Elfdoll Lydia

Jun 21, 2006

    1. Oy, what teases.


      She's gorgeous. Really she is.

      I'm very greatful she's not my type. Close call, though. Phew. My wallet sighs in relief. I only hope that when future pictures are put up, I stand true. ><

      She looks kind of like an attractive mix of Sooah/Soah and Ryung, doesn't she? I wonder if Rainman designs the dolls to look a like on purpose, when you consider he seems to have sort of a sister theme going on?
    2. I think she looks a lot like Ryung.
    3. Wow, I really like her. :D
    4. I don't! I'm safe....! :D

      ...that is to say: all Rainy dolls are beautiful, but the one who grabs me the least is Ruyng. The likelyhood that I'm gonna be inflicted by the big Gotsahaves is considerably less with a new girl of the same ilk as Ryung than say...Soah. :sweat
    5. Oh, thank god. I thought they'd release a Soah-sister or something. x.x Thank god they didn't... buying Soah has already turned into a catastrophe... but I WILL have my Soah! *first shake*

      And... is the teaser image giving anyone else a seizure? XD
    6. i want to see more pictures!!! nyaarr~
    7. I think she is really pretty! I want to see more pictures.
    8. that blinky picture...i think it made my corneas detach O_o* She looks like she'll be a pretty one though.I hope she wont look too much like ryung though,never been fond of her personally.
    9. Guys, just wait till the pic comes up and hit your Stop button on your browser.....freezes her nicely on IE.

      She's pretty, like a Ryung meets Sooah look.
    10. She's lovely. *_*

      But I still prefer Soah. <3
    11. Oh I wish it worked for me, but it didn't.....I think I have a headache from looking at that blinking picture. How annoying is that, to make the thing blink? Makes no sense to me. But she is beautiful and I want her. She's the first Rainydoll I've felt that way about.
    12. She's rather pretty.
      Here she is without the annoying blink-thing.

    13. Oh gosh, this isn't good. I can't buy anymore dolls, and now I see this! >_<
    14. *sigh* everytime I see the Elfdoll big girls I have to remind myself that they don't match with the other girls on my wishlist. It really doesn't help that Lydia is so pretty. (>_< And I'm a sucker for slightly open mouths)
    15. I still think she reminds me more of the Rainy boys than the girls. I'm not even entirely sure why, it's just a feeling I get. I like her though...a whole lot, and that's very bad. lol
    16. Ack. She's cute and she has teeth. I love teeth. BTW thanks to Bifrost, we can all stop have our seizures now.
    17. ack!! no no no! thats not fair!!! no no no!!!!!!! *wallets screams in fear* i LIKE her LOTS!!!!! oh no!!!
    18. I must have her........
    19. I just saw the new pic of Lydia in the NEWS thread.


      She. Will be. My third doll. Period. Exclamation point. Asterix. *dies*

      The new photo has converted me. She's gorgeous; I said I wanted my third doll to be my sexy one, and there she is! *__* Hot damn. I had wanted a Miyu as my sexy girl, though I woried about her proportions with soon-to-be-mine Soah. But Lydia has all of the qualities I loved in Miyu, in a more mature and compatible package *_* Love.