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Elfdoll new type female Rainy body

Apr 30, 2008

    1. I don't know about the rainy boys, but the new rainy doll girl body has been released now. Personally I think it's gorgous! :D It's pretty similar to the old one, but I think the lines flow better, and hopefully it will pose better! The only thing is that the breast look a little squished. It's not bad, I just liked the old breast better. (And I don't know exactly how the hands were before, but now they're just mmmm<3!!)


      I hope this isn't old news! >_< I have checked the elfdoll page every day all week, and it was updatet first today. There's new, lovely pictures of the dolls now, with the new body!
    2. There's another news announcement at

      by Ms. Cholong, with pictures.

      Personally, I'm appalled at how "implant-like" the breasts look, and the rest of the torso looks clunky, like a much cheaper doll. But I'll leave it up to the people who make a lot of clothing for the old version bodies to weigh in on how they look.

      Maybe get a mod to move this to be a discussion thread, since there isn't one yet?

    3. my knee jerk reaction is...uhm...ok.

      I am with you on the breasts...she sorta looks pinched through her bust joint. hmmmm...the whole rib cage seems too small for the huge things that are her hips. From the pics the overall sculpt is really soft...not in a bad way but with so many doll companies going more and more "real" it's an odd choice since the elfdoll boys are so well defined. I do like the new elbow joint.

      Elfdoll bodies have always been a challenge to fit...this could prove to be very interesting. I will have to wait to make a final judgment until I see one in person or next to the old body. AND when I get to try some of my clothing on her. I sure hope she's not going to require a whole new set of patterns.

      I can just see the emails flying..."Does this fit Elfdolls?" "Which?""You know...June, Soah?" "But WHICH body?" "Oh...the small bust" "NO...Which body? old or new?"

      GAH...could be a challenge in the beginning but I am sure all the seamstresses will get the hang of it.
    4. Really? I rather like her push up bosom ;) But you'll get to see one up close in June :)
    5. Her breasts look rather like the Minifée ones to me - round and kinda there.

      I wonder if the fist hands are standard...because I prefer regular hands, not fisted ones.

      ETA: Looked on the site, flat hands are included. PLUS Standard Emma is up too!
    6. The placement of the breasts and proportion of the torso makes me think of this: Adam & Eve by Albrech Durer, except that Eve's breasts hang naturally. When I first saw the new body pics I was reminded of typical medieval woodcuts showing (occasional) nude or disrobing females. I hope they will make a second bodytype or breastplate that is more relaxed... bigger or smaller doesn't matter, just one without the invisible pushup bra.
    7. ....I like the boobs. :lol:

      It looks like there will be a lot of increased posability as well. I like the new body, overall. :)
    8. These new pics show the body in a much better light than the Hazy ones did. However I still think the 'squished' breasts make her look out of proportion top to bottom. I agree with those who hope that some day we sill see two versions of the breastplate once again. It used to be a huge selling point for Elfdoll that there was a choice of Large or Small bust bodies. We have one of each in this house.

      The new standard girls pics on Elfdoll are really nice. I think Lydia looks more stunning now than ever. I think all that is stopping me from getting her or Emma or Sooah now are those breasts.
    9. I really love the new body (fan of pear shapes!), and I love that Emma is now a standard release.... I can see rainy girls going back on my wish list!
    10. I really like the look of her wide hips. I'm not a fan of the invisi-push-up-bra bust but my dolls don't generally hang around naked, so clothed a doll with a built in bra is okay. I think both of the hand sculpts are incredibly pretty. If only they'd sell their dolls in the white skintone as a regular item. *sigh*
    11. I'm hoping if enough people say they don't like the bust, that they'll swap it back to the original version they did before they squished it together. The original was much nicer and more natural. The current version spoils the flow of the body and makes her look pear shaped to me.
    12. Nice and all, but I don't see myself swapping out my Soah's body for the new one. It's the boobs. I like the new torso joint (it made sense when I saw it on the Unoa Zeros; it still makes sense now) but the pinched look isn't doing it for me at all. I am one of those people that wants my dolls to look good naked :sweat and the old Elfdoll body managed that just fine.
    13. I like her body--but does it seem rather long from the waist to, er the crotch?

      I prefer a more natural bust line too, but the push up should look really nice in period costume. Overall, if she stands straight, I think it's a major improvement. The old Rainy body had thigh bulges which I thought were problematic at times. That said, I'm keeping my large bust June as is--she needs that body to match her attitude.

      Now, is the new body shorter? I got that impression from Hazy's measurement chart.

      I was so surprised to see Emma as a standard--I didn't think she was going to be re-released :) I plan to order her soon.

      I wouldn't mind ordering some new hands for June though--are they available yet?
    14. I'm not sure about the breasts, but the overall lines look nice and slender to me, more mature than the old Elfdoll bodies. I guess I'll see it in person when Hazy comes home
    15. Yeah, I agree, it seems very long in the hips/abdomen. Other than that, I rather like the new body. I had intended on buying a doll, selling the body and making a Thaasa hybrid, but I may have to try this body out and see how I like it.
      I like the boobs. It seems to make the clothes look better, like she is squishy and is wearing a bra.
    16. The bust is an absolute dealbreaker for me. I absolutely hate the push-up look on anything - human or resin! And when you take a look at the absolutely gorgeous breasts Rainman originally sculpted for the new body, angels weep...!

      Something I really love about the old body is naturalistic chunkyness of the hips and thighs - oh, those daikon thighs! - the new body is slimmer, but still looks fairly robust, which I fully approve of.

      The elbow joint seems dreamy, and hopefully the body poses better generally, which I would really love...

      If only those monsterous breasts didn't spoil it all! :doh
    17. I agree, the breasts are horrendous, but I've head someone say that they're not that bad in person. I'll see soon enough though, won't I, because I've wanted an Emma for so long I wouldn't care if she had breasts coming out of her back!

      Um, on second thoughts...

      Nonetheless, I'm ordering her. *takes deep breath*

      And LisaMarie, the hands are available now!
    18. I love the new body, and the pear shape is beautiful.
    19. Maybe it would be possible to sand the breast a little? Like, take away some of the cleavage? It would make them smaller at the best, but... The main problem for me is that I think they're too close together. If each breast was moved a few mm away from each other, that would make it look a thousang times better, pushup or not! It just looks... Unnatural they way it is now...But the rest of the body is really nice so maybe it would be worth it anyway.
      (looking forward to people getting the new doll and posting pictures. Then it will be easier to decide)
    20. I did a review of Hazy and the new body here...

      It should give you a better idea of the body from another perspective. I just wish I had taken more photos of different poses. Her arms have fantastic range. I wish they would give the boys some peanuts.