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Update Elfdoll no longer selling to retailers! Lots of Sales!

Oct 7, 2009

    1. This is just a heads up to all Elfdoll fans that the company has decided to no longer sell to retailers so many sites that have Elfdoll products have slashed their prices dramatically. I just bought my first doll today from Junky Spot for $429 vs the normal $585. Denver Doll Emporium is also having a sale. Here is a quote from their site:

      Elfdoll is no longer working with retailers. We will only be selling the dolls and accessories we have "in stock" . Once our stock is gone, we will not be getting more.

      And from Junky spot:

      We've SLASHED prices on most models like you would not BELIEVE! And we're not done yet, we have more Elfdoll models to list and more prices to slash! The start of this blowout clearance has SLASHED prices on every 41cm and 60-70cm doll from Elfdoll. But we've got more 60cm models, Special Editions, and Limited Editions from Elfdoll to BLOW OUT that we'll be listing up soon, so make sure to check back! Most models we only have a small amount in stock, so don't delay! Once these dolls are gone...they are gone!

      Many other sites are saying the same thing but they will still be available on the Elfdoll website at least :)