Elfdoll old versus new girl body

Dec 10, 2008

  1. the old body

  2. the new body

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    1. I've seen quite a lot of discussions about the old and new Elfdoll bodies when they were announced, but they were quite hypothetical since very few had actually seen them, posed with them and properly compared them.

      I'm asking those of you who own (or did) both the old and new bodies for you opinion - which is better and why?

      Please explain your opinions, does one pose better than the other, does one have to arch it's body in a strange way to stan, are the feet/hands better for posing, have problem fitting into clothes etc etc.

      Of course esthetics is always important with bjds, but what about the practical aspect?

      (I'm primarily interested in Sooah, but it's a general question about all Elfdolls)
    2. I can't decide how to vote because I like them both in different ways! I have two girls with new bodies and I am very happy with how they pose, they stand with no trouble and their arms are more flexible.
      My 'old girl' is a pain in the backside when it comes to standing on her own, it takes us a while to get there. But I like her shape better - she has the three part large bust body and I love her curves. I would never upgrade her to a new body.
    3. Ah, so the old body does have problems standing on its own? What a shame. :|
      Do you other old-Elfdoll-owners have the same problems?
    4. I bought one of the later edition older bodies, and had no problems standing it. Usually, the elastic just needed to be tightened. I can't stand the look of the current version's bust. I won't buy one because I think it's ugly. Plus I think Elfdoll in general are overpriced compared to say Luts at present. Since Luts reduced their prices, I'd much rather buy another Luts doll instead.
    5. I very much prefer the new bodies. I think they look better overall. I like the new body's bust a lot. It look great in clothes and the new bodies can share clothes with more other dolls than the old ones. The new bodies definitely post better and stand a whole lot better. I won't buy an Elfdoll with the old body. Only the new ones for me.
    6. Nope, my Soah's body doesn't have any problems standing, even in heels.

      I think it varies from body to body with stringing tightness or something

      (new styel body arriving someday soon - can't make comparisons until then)
    7. I don't like it as much for modern clothes, but I'm hoping it will work better than the old one for corsetted-historical styles.... of course the new body on it's way to me may just prove to be an expensive mistake on that front... only time will tell.

    8. Interesting point! I'm buying a bjd primaruly to costume for it - I currently sew historical (mainly 18th C) clothes for myself, but thought it might be a nice change to sew on a smaller scale and have someone prettier to pose, hehe ;)
    9. I can't compare either, since I only have the old two-part body - and won't ever get the new body, since I absolutely loathe the new bust.

      But I can give you some info about the old body... When it was new it stood with gratifying ease, something which deteriorated after a year or so when the joints became worn. The ankles became wobbly, but worst of all: the locking teeth in one knee wore down significantly, and now that knee is difficult to straighten and it's problematic to get it to hold weight.

      To alleviate these issues she has been re-strung to perfection, and has received a full-body kipsing. These measures helped a great deal, but her knee issue is a permanent one.

      All the same I love the old body - I love the nice curves of it!

      I have never had any problems keeping my Elfdoll girls clad or shod - she wears modern fitted clothes and has no problem at all sharing everything with my other girls.
    10. Does the old and new body share measurments (apart from chest then I guess)?
      In other words, are these also valid for the old body?
    11. I quite like the way the older two part body is shaped, but the posing abilities of the revised body are certainly nice, as well.

      Out of curiosity, has anyone tried combining parts from both bodies? For example, has anyone swapped those double-jointed arms onto the old body with success? I'd love to upgrade my Lydia's body, but I just can't get over how terrible that new bust looks without clothing on. Not too crazy about the new hips, either.

      These are the dimensions for the old bodies if you would like to compare. :)

      My Lydia's right knee has this problem as well. Without her skinny jeans or quite a bit of coaxing, she just will not stand. :(
    12. The ankles are wobbly on the older bodies. The small bust bodies are easier to hold a pose than the large bust bodies. I love all my Elfdolls but I love the poseability of the new bodies best.
    13. I have both bodies too and I love how the new bodies pose and stand. Even my special Emma whose ankles are the same as the new bodies won't stand as well. The breasts aren't as nice as either of the old bodies but they aren't as bad in person as I thought they were and the new hands are beautiful. I'd never hesitate to buy one with the new body. In fact, I just did!
    14. As a rule I dont have large dolls ...I dont like handling large dolls , even though I have a couple ,..I find them hard to pose and collapse in a heap ..I get intimidated,by large dolls..but I need not have ...not with Hazy

      Elf doll sculpts are just so beautiful when Hazy came out I had to get her ...
      she came out from the box ...stood and posed like a dream ..she sits and poses beautiful too ...I was thrilled and amazed ..an SD I love
      I was also a little concerned about the melon boobs ...but when she is dressed she is very natural and lifelike ..she is just a stunning doll
      and her hands are beautiful ...I love her ...really do I would recommend her to anyone
    15. I have the older body. Emma. she poses beautifully, even in heels - in her high-heeled feet as well. :candycane
    16. Super! Thanks!