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Elfdoll - Pinup Barbara

Jul 16, 2010

    1. I find her absolutely wonderful! Those moving eyelids are so clever and makes it possible for her to give a cheeky little wink! I love both face plates. I seldom like a smile like that, but Rainman has overdone himself with the natural facial expressions and 50's period appeal. I wish I'd have the money to get her right now, but I need to make something to sell first. :D

      The Elfdoll memberships are open now too. I just registered! :)
    2. She is incredibly tempting, but the question on layaway is pretty relevant for me. Supposedly it's permitted on any order over $250, but someone got a message stating otherwise? (Or did I hallucinate that?) Since they had originally mentioned her being released in September, I'd planned to set money aside for that time... not July.
    3. I've got a message while buying her - " sorry,we don't accept layaway"
      waiting for answer on the board!
    4. Will she be available as basic version as well? I really want a NS Barbara. Would it be wiser to wait for a basic doll to come out?
    5. Ooooooooh....! Her eyeslids MOVE. I was wondering why they looked so recessed. That smiling head would make a great Harley Quinn!
    6. Please let us know when you find out. I've wanted her since I saw the teasers, but don't know how easily I could swing a full payment with some other things currently planned. *wince*

    7. Oh yes!But I've tried to make another order - it seems to be a standart form,so I think layaway is possible!
      anyway,I'll wait for an answer from ED and post it here!)
      And by the way - I'm sure , she won't be basic and in NS(((((as Rainman didn't considered her as a basic doll - onle SE for 5 year Unniversary)
    8. I also was not expecting a July release, and so I asked on the Elfdoll Q&A board yesterday if there would be any later releases or possibly a basic doll and here below is the answer. I don't think any decisions have been made yet. If Rainman would re-release Dodo, anything could happen.

      Thank you for your interest on Barbara.
      We haven't decided whether we will release in standard or not yet so we cannot
      tell you about this yet.

      Kind regards,

    9. Anyone know what size she is??? Somehow I see the Fairyland ChicLine and these Pinup girls similarly? Am I crazy??
    10. roxygirl > she's SD-sized (60cm tall).
    11. I think she is fantastic! I love the snow skin version :).. However the smiling head freaks me out a little bit.. I still oddly like it though. I wish the would offer layaway on her :( I would love to get her!
    12. I put one on layaway two hours ago and they've already accepted it and updated my order status, so I think that message was an error.
    13. Hmmm... figures!
      I'm just working on a Pin-up dolly myself, and here's my idea put into existence which will make me look like a big fat copy-cat... *blerg*

      I'm a Rockabilly girl myself, and a collector of vintage pin-ups from the 1920's through the 1960's, and her features do not really strike me as "typical Pin-Up". She lacks the youthful, playful, big eyed expression.
      Her facial features make me think more of like a woman in her 40's, with very sharp features (sharp nose, sharp jawline) whereas real pin-up girls have very rounded faces with puffy blushing cheeks and puffy noses.
      The closing eyelids make her look to me like she's either very sleepy or on marihuana, but that's just my opinion.
      I can appreciate the smiling face though, it made me giggle. Disturbing... *^.^*

      She really is a beautiful doll on her own, just not suitable for the Pin-Up vibe she is supposed to eminate.
      Perfect doll to be a strict Headmistress or Dominatrix though. ^.^

      But... THOSE RED SHOES!
      They are definitely Pin-Up worthy, and I already ordered me a pair for my Rockabilly Soony! ^____^

      By the way, when ordering the red shoes, I also got the message "No layaway payment accepted" ...
    14. I think a lot of it is in the angles those photos have been taken. If you look at the "rainman's diary" section you will see that Elvgren's work is his main influence, and with the right angled shot she can give off that surprised look. It's like all dolls really, different faceups and angles give off different looks.

      I don't think you'd be considered a copy cat, there's already pin up girl dolls out there, it's not like Elfdoll have come up with the most unique of concepts.
    15. She looks really cool! I'm particularly interested in all her accessories. XD
    16. She is quite interesting and very nicely done! Overall, she's not really my cup of tea, but I love the body and her awesome heels and skates. Here's hoping the Rainy girls will get this body (or one like it) as an option!
    17. I really had a hard time deciding between the two skintones, but finally the NS girl won out. I put in for layaway as well, but if they don't accept it I will just suck it up and buy her.
      She is perfect and embodies a wonderful old Hollywood pin-up vibe, very Vargas girl.