Elfdoll Pinup girl Barbara thread

Mar 11, 2010

    1. With apologies to non-Elfdoll members, is anyone besides me watching Rainman's Diary as he designs and makes his new Pinup girl? The movable eyelids are fascinating to me and I can hardly wait to see if he will sculpt a curvy new body for her. I am already crazy about her and think I will have to have one when she is finally released.
    2. Really!? Moveable eyelids seems really interesting, but do you think she will be on topic when she is released??
    3. Don't know, but she looks like she will be like his other dolls, except that she has an additional resin eyelid that can be raised and lowered over her eye.
    4. Rainman has always amazing ideas and the sculpt of this new girl is incredible. Realistic and glamour with a vintage touch. I also hope he will make a curvy body for her. About the eyelids, I'm not sure how you can keep the make-up on without damaging it, but he has probably thought about it. ^^
    5. I hadn't seen this before, but she looks truly amazing. I will be sure to set money aside for September, when they mention she will be prepared for.
    6. Any way someone can post some pictures? I'm not a member, but this new girl sounds really intriguing.
    7. She is FASCINATING -- I can't wait to see more! (Love that he's using Gil Elvgren as his inspiration!) :aheartbea

      -- A :D
    8. OMGosh! I'm in love with what Rainman is doing! I so agree with what he has written...its time for the BJDs to begin to evolve rather than keep looking the same.
    9. Truly fascinating - but I really doubt the would be on topic on DoA. They can hardly be said to follow the Asian aesthetic..!
    10. Hmm, maybe, but then the big busty EID Iplehouse girls (several of which have been painted by members to look like pinup girls) don't look very Asian inspired to me either.
    11. I dunno, the presentation sure isn't very "ABJD", but I think if you stripped her down to the base doll then she'll be just as ABJD-like as the EID's, Super Gems, and various other mature, less stylized dolls that have become popular lately. But who knows, Rainman might give her unusual features (or, not give her certain BJD features) and make her OT. ;_; As it is though I'm kind of imagining something like the Rainy girls, but with a more voluptuous figure and some interesting eye mechanism. And maybe its just me, but I don't think her face looks any more realistic than some of the recent Rainy dolls like Bambu and Aden. ^^;

      Can't wait to see the new body, I hope it is more posable than the current Rainy body and can be used with the current Rainy heads! I'd love a June with a more posable, pinup girl-esque body. <3
    12. Ditto this. To me, she looks like a different take on the classic pinup; she still looks stylized away from the actual pinup style toward a fusion of it and a more anime-style look. I have a Bambu, and have to say that head looks less realistic than she does at a glance. I suppose it will have a lot to do with what the final faceup looks like, in part, since the one in the examples is not something we see a lot of direct from the companies.
    13. Wow, I am seriously impressed, that face is gorgeous. I can't wait to see the body! And I imagine she'd be on topic... There have been enough dolls recently that are more realistic and less stylized (EID Jessica, anyone?) and they're perfectly fine. Bring it on, Rainman!
    14. If she is still strung like a BJD, change eyes, can wear wigs and such then what could be wrong with her........oh yea its the moveable eyelids like a sleeping baby doll or MA Cissy has.
    15. Obviously we will all have to wait and see how the mods decide on her being on topic. I have to say that a faceup (hell, even a wig) can completely change the look of a doll. I've seen faceups on the same moulds and I swear they are nothing alike mould-wise. I am seriously loving the idea of movable eyelids. They add to the expressiveness of the face a thousand fold.

    16. Me too. I have loads of books of his work in my house. I'm sure she will be stunning if Elvgren girls are his muses.
    17. I dunno about this direction. I think his previous faces looked more realistic than this. The pursed lips and heavy makeup (perhaps the eyelid has to be made of a darker colored resin in order to keep the apparent "makeup" on it?) seem as stylized as the "big eyes and pointed noses" he's complaining about (which he didn't do himself anyway, so they're really other sculptors' styles, so why let it bother him? If this is an urge he wants to try, just do it!). She's definitely got a fashion-doll look, but a very dated kind of look. but then pin-up images were stylized fantasy girls from the very beginning of their appearance.

      I see his last sentence is mentioning if it's ok if the body may not be compatible, I'm guessing with previous heads, so our hopes of improved knees for our current heads aren't going to be fulfilled any time soon!

      I wonder if the eyes could close completely. His text mentions just open-eyes and the surprised look.

      Well, even though it's not somehing that some of us would be looking forward to getting, at least he's getting to enjoy himself - wonder if he's had his own longtime collection of pinup art he's been hankering to translate into resin?
    18. I like her a BJD only with removable eye lids that have to be applied where you want them with putty
    19. I'm looking forward to seeing what she will look like when done..pity she probably won't be allowed on the forum..