Elfdoll Rainy boy Aden Discussion Thread

Aug 14, 2008

    1. Wow, that was super fast!!!! I want him reeeeallly badly. I hope that he also gets released in a Standard edition so I can bring him home later. :) Probably at the same time I bring home another of my dream dolls, Elfdoll K. ;)
    2. Elfdoll usually will release a standard after doing a new special but I've found that there's something special about their specials. Plus with the wig and outfit, it comes out about the same. And Aden's outfit is very nice.
    3. I am in love with him too :aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea
    4. Ah... *insert every colorful expletive under the sun*

      He's beautiful. GAH. Hopefully by the time he's released as a standard sculpt, I'll be able to afford him.

    5. I want him too!!! He is so gorgeous!!! I love his outfit, and I've always wanted a special Elfdoll!!!
    6. Wow! He's great. Something about him just really grabbed me in a way that no one has in awhile. If they release a standard edition, I'll have to consider him.

    7. That's what I was thinking! He has Wu's smile and K's eyes and chin! He is so cute!
    8. I just wish he were 73cm. I was really excited that they made a biggun.
    9. Eh, I thought I had decided on who to get as my first doll... Then I saw Aden. He's perfect.. just so expensive.... D:
    10. He's got a gorgeous face~ Such delicate and boyish features, and yet... so distinctly chiseled and very male, in my opinion. <3

      I adore this boy's outfit to death! If anybody ever wants to let it go... *coughahem*
    11. *screams* HE'S BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Oh no, this is going to take enormous will to resist him. Luckily I have no money. *phew*
      He really is gorgeous. What's always bugged me about Elfdoll guys is their very large eyes. This guy's eyes, face shape, lips, everything, is perfect!
    12. He'd look good with Evangeline.
    13. That's just what I was thinking >.< Especially now Liliana's stolen River....

      Let's not go any further with that thought.
    14. I thought my Elfdoll Lydia was going to have to wait a long time for a guy figuring either Hazy or Emma would be next in line to be paired up but as soon as I saw Aden I knew he was the one for my Lydia.
    15. Yeah, I know how you feel. I'm not exactly into the massive eyes on some dolls. I have no money either... this makes me sad
    16. My heart: *HUGS HIM*
      If they release him in a standard version, I may consider getting him. Maybe. If I manage to convince myself that there is a character for him. ;)

    17. I totally agree! So at first I was like, "eh" but when I saw him from all the other angles, I realized that his mold is quite beautiful! Right now, I cannot afford him, but I hope to in the future *crosses fingers and hope he'll be a standard*

      he's a really beautiful and sweet looking male doll and I need me some sweet mature boys (i dont seem to have enough of them, i think :sweat)
    18. Oh I already have a character in mind for him. He would make a good Captain Ukitake from Bleach.:D Drat! Now I REALLLLLY must have him....:doh
    19. I have an Elfdoll Lydia too, and I was going to pair her with Aden!! At first I was going to give Jasmine (Lydia) K, but I just thought they don't look right together. Then Aden came out, and I thought Aden would go perfect with Jasmine!!!