Elfdoll Rainy Boys Boots and Shoes - What Fits?

Feb 27, 2007

    1. Sooooo... I really really REALLY don't like buying things only to find that they don't fit, SO...

      I was hoping that some fellow Elfdoll/Rainy boy owners can help me figure out what sort of shoes - especially boots! - their lovely boys can wear?

      My boy currently owns DollHeart boots for SD boys and they fit fine, though a bit loose it seems, especially in the toes.

      They kind of have small-ish feet so I was wondering if they can wear SD girl boots?

    2. Yep! My boy can wear pretty much anything, because of the smaller foot size. Luts is a good place to check, they have the inside measurements of their shoes and boots listed on the item pages.

      But yeah, I just buy him bog-standard SD size boots, never had a problem!
    3. Wooo!

      Thanks a bunch!

      To clarify, he CAN wear girl SD-sized boots?
    4. You know I was wondering this too, cause I bought my boys some converse-esque sneakers and they were too small (but they fit now cause...I forced them :nowords: ).

      Not that my boys have any other shoes but it would be nice to know!
    5. I seem to remember measuring River's foot at 7cm, and the majority of the girl's shoes on Luts are 7.5cm so yeah, I'd say he'd be okay. I know when Wu was first released a few people had him in the Elfdoll girl boots because there weren't any for him.
    6. I was browsing EBay for some 60cm dolls boots, my god some of them are GORGEOUS! I'm positively drooling over them.

      Anyway, getting back to the point, I will be buying (eventually) boots for elfdolls, Red and Sooah.

      Do most 60cm sized boots fit most kinds of doll? or will I have to find boots specific to Elfdoll?

      I looked on their site but their stock seems really limited.

      Can anybody tell me what they usually do?
    7. I have two Elfdolls, they are lovely.

      My boy, Red, has the shorter body, which has really small feet for a boy. He can fit larger SD/SD13 girl shoes! I tried some Dollheart boots on him and it's like a little boy trying on his father's shoes *_* But they do fit and it doesn't look so bad under pants.

      My girl Soah with small bust body, however, has longer feet than average. It is a struggle to get her into SD-sized girl shoes, but they do fit. SD13 size is better. Since boots tend to be made a little bigger you may have an easier time with them.

      Of course you'll get the best fit from the company themselves. If you really want those Elfdoll boots, Junkyspot and Denverdoll have them in stock right now.
    8. Ooh, I'll bear it in mind when choosing! LOVE junkyspot, not heard of Denverdoll, so I'm off to google it.

      Maybe the taller body Red has slightly larger feet?
    9. Nope, my K and Mir wear the same size shoes as my Wu and Red with the original body. You won't have trouble finding shoes for the elfdoll guys since they have small feet...it's the elfdoll girls that can be a problem since they have larger feet than most of the SD girls. Jessica Hu on ebay sometimes has boots that fit the elfdoll girls-actually I bought a pair of black boots a few years ago from her that my girls and guys share.
    10. I have some shoes for the Elfdoll girls on my webiste - they are flats and have been very popular! :)
    11. What I need is a pair of riding boots in either dark brown or black for my Elfdoll Red.

      I want to make a Casanova outfit for him and the boots are going to be the hardest part I think, I have no idea where to get some, and I did look in the marketplace, but couldn't seem to find anything.

      Has anyone any ideas? Reds feet are 7.3 cm in length.

      (EDIT) I just realised.. pirate style boots slightly over the knee and with the cuff turned up.
    12. Well, you won't have much problems finding shoes that fit. Elfdoll boys have smaller feet and pretty much anything will fit; even some girl shoes. Even if the shoe is too big you can stuff it with tissue paper.

      Have you tried Dollheart? The Angel of Dream website has some "western" looking boots. I think also Unidoll has some in that style, but their website is unreliable at this time. Dollmore has a great selection as well.

      Good luck ^_^
    13. Thats good news, thanks! I wonder if elfdoll boys can wear elfdoll girls shoes? I imagine the girls would have smaller feet.

      I'll go and check out the sites you suggested, :D
    14. I just took another look at the pictures, and I realise now that they look more like pirates boots then English riding boots. (Different again from Western cowboy style boots)

      Just over knee length, and with the cuff turned up. but thanks for the links :) I'll go and check them out.
    15. Reviving this >,>;

      I can't get ANY boots (at least knee high) to fit on my Elfdoll (smaller body) red. His calves are to fat! Does luts really work for this? the boots i have for my luts boys don't fit him :/

      I have some shoes that fit, but he needs boots!
    16. Since posting last, I still haven't found ANY knee high boots, let alone pirate ones, or ones that will fit my doll :(

      I had to settle for some biker boots made for dollfie girls in the end, I can't even make any that look right.
    17. The only problems I've had is that some boots are too tight to zip up over trousers, but, more often than not, they will do with a bit of gentle persuasion. But yeah, He has/has had quite a few pairs of boots, and they all fit fine. No specific make, afaik, mostly from Ebay and a couple from sellers on here. (I do think his brown ones were Luts or Souldoll or something, though.)

      Tess, have you tried getting someone to commission boot covers?
    18. I got two pair of boots from releaserain on eBay, and they fit my taller body Red wonderfully. She calls them "SD Shoes Biker Girl Boots". So I guess these are like the ones raccoon906 was talking about. Other sellers have these boots too. They're reasonably priced, even with shipping from overseas.

      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      Linda S.
    19. Oo wow thanks Galatia!

      I've had no luck.. So maybe those will work.. XD
    20. Galatia9... the boots on the left are the exact boots I have!

      Lunameth... I am trying to make boot covers, because I'm reasonable with leather work, I just can't make actual boots. The trouble is, the buckles on the boots I do have (see pic on the left) stick out too much and spoil the look of the boot covers. :(