Elfdoll Rainy Boys? General questions

May 23, 2007

    1. Just a few questions, and I didn't really know where to put them... :(
      So if they're in the wrong spot, mods, feel free to move them!

      I'm saving up for Elfdoll Wu (origional body, not the taller one), and I happened upon a picture of a K without a faceup. It looks like the lip lines were a PART of the doll, and not just part of a faceup? Is that correct? Is it like that on Wu, as well??

      Also, about drilling a "second hole" in the foot... Do many people need to do this for their S hooks? Or is it just a "only sometimes happens" thing, when the S hook becomes loose?

      And the faces look great, but I've noticed the bodies (in OS pictures) look a bit like shiny vinyl... :? Is this just their camera, or are most Elfdoll Boy bodies like that? I've been looking around the database and picture-request threads to kind of get a feel, but I'd appreciate it if someone could tell me straight-up. If they ARE plastiky-shiny, is it possible to reduce the shine with a coat of MSC matte/flat?

      I understand that I should probably see an Elfdoll in person before I jump in, but I don't know of anyone in my area that owns one... :sweat And I'm determined to get him anyways; I'd just like to know a bit more about him before I officially purchase the boy.

      Thanks in advance to any answers :)
    2. I have an Elf Doll Rainy girl--her resin is a little smoother than the average resin. More a satin gloss, if that shiny.
      It may photograph a little shiny.

      The finish is exquisite on the Rainy dolls that I've met--not a seam remaining on the lot of them.

      Maybe try to get to a meet-up near you, to see if the finish is something you can live with, or is too much for you. ('cause everyone has her own taste, y'know?)

      And Of Course they look like plastic. Resin IS a plastic.

      Ann in CT
    3. Wu doesn't have sculpted lip lines, no. His lips are sweet and smooth! And to an extent, Elfdoll resin is a bit shiny. It's really really smooth, and therefore reflective. But a layer of MSC fixes it just fine. And my Wu has no hook problems at all, so I think that's a rare issue.

      The biggest problem you're likely to have is that because he's so smooth, he's really kicky. My Wu came strung loose, so we tightened him and hot-glue sueded him, and now he stands and poses like a dream. Five minute fix, yay!
    4. K does indeed have liplines in the mold. I am sure someone here with a Wu can tell you if he does as well. I don't think the resin is really shiny - it does reflect some with the flash, but it definately doesnt look or feel like vinyl. Elfdoll sands their dolls seams, so like Ann said, they have a very satin finish. MSC will definatly kill any resin shine tho
      And even tho he is so smooth, Remy stands like a dream and isnt kicky at all. I think thats just all in the stringing.
      Here is a link to pics of my Elfdoll K. The first pic with only Remy has the flash and the other 3 don't. Hope this helps.
    5. I have all three Elfdoll boys/men, and none of them have been kicky. ;) Wu was my most unstable stander, but he would stand straight out of the box. Sueding has helped alot.

      And like Blyss said, the resin can be really shiny in some pictures, but in real life its not that noticable. They do sand the seam lines (I can't find them at ALL on my Red and Wu) and the resin is very smooth.

      I have not yet had to drill a second hole in the foot, everything seems secure. I've only noticed thread about that from people with Rainy girls, actually (but then again I've likely missed out on alot of elfdoll threads so....:sweat ).

      Neither Red or Wu have the lip lines directly on the face, as opposed to the face-up. K does, and it's absolutely the coolest thing. XD I hope you get your Wu sometime, there simply isn't enough of the Rainy boys running around here! :)
    6. Ohhh, okay. This answers everything, thank you!! I didn't mean to sound dumb when I said it looked plastic, since I meant like... Barbie-plastic (vinyl) :XD: Sorry.

      And I think I can live with the kicky-ness. :| My only other boy at the moment is a CP El, and his legs are kicky like WHOA.

      Thanks again, everyone. :)
    7. On Elfdoll.com, it lables its boys at 60cm tall, or with optional Taller body (I think it's 70cm?).

      But when I look on tutorials, they look a lot shorter than 60cm;; (compared to Delf boys). I think I remember them being at 57cm, but... I guess this has changed? Does anyone know what happened to this height??;; Are they really 60cm? Was I just imagining them being short little pipsqueaks?

      Please let me know :sweat
    8. Well, I don't know much, but I do know that my friend's Elfdoll Wu, Maeglin, has the shorter, original body, and he's 57cm without his wig. He was made in 2006, so I don't know if this has changed, but I'm pretty sure the original shorter body is still the same height. Hope this helps! :)
    9. Yay! :) Thanks, this does help! I only hope the body type is still the same... *_*!
    10. they're still short little pipsqueaks. I wish I had known that; I really want the taller body now. *saves pennies*
    11. They're just wrong on the site. Maybe they went for a generic height, like "SD" is used as a generic descriptor? Elfdoll regular male bodies are a couple of centimeters short of 60, and Special K is nowhere near 70 cm. I'll ask spamsama to measure her guy when she gets home from vacation. I know she did mention his actual height somewhere in a thread, but it would take forever to find it in this digital jungle.

      I just asked someone else the relative height next to a Jace--

      I know spamsama did a photo comparison of the old and new bodies. The newer K body is a bit thinner in the torso and limbs than the previous boys, and she did mention that most of the added height is in the legs.
    12. Aw, thanks guys! :)

      Personally, I'm glad they're still short pipsqueaks :XD: :aheartbea
    13. Oh, thank you! :D That's good to know~ :aheartbea
    14. My friend said the K she saw was either equal to or just a hair taller than her Soo Ri on the long-legged IP body, which makes for a doll of 63cm.

      In the second link up there, with the IP muscle body, I do believe the other IP body is the oldest version at 60cm, before they came out with the long-leg version at 63 cm.
    15. hobbywhelmed: In the second link up there, with the IP muscle body, I do believe the other IP body is the oldest version at 60cm, before they came out with the long-leg version at 63 cm.

      You are correct ^ ^! The Muscle Type Body is 63cm, the older (not the oldest though, he came with my Soo Ri Fullset v.2) one is the 60cm version.
    16. Eep, new question;;
      Do they have bellybuttons? :XD: Someone pointed out in a comparison thread that it doesn't look like Wu and Red (possibly K..?) have belly buttons;;

      Haha... Is that true??

    17. im getting my red soon (i hope!), and i chose the shorter body... i like the build and sculpt better overall... that, and apparently tall boys aren't my taste in dolls (i failed with Saint when i owned him, lol)
    18. Satouro, I have a Wu who is about a year old and yes, he does have a bellybutton. It is not very distinctive -- but cute nonetheless. ;)
    19. K has a bellybutton, too~