Elfdoll Rainy girl Hazy

Feb 6, 2008

    1. I'm not sure if Elfdoll is planning to release a new SD girl but he posted pics of a new big girl called Hazy.

      *removed dead link* 6/25/16

      I think she is absolutely gorgeous. She looks so real.
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    2. Wow.

      She is just... beautiful. :o
    3. This doll jetted right to the top of my wish list. I love her face.
    4. She's incredible. *_______* So beautiful! I'm always impressed by Rainman's talent!
    5. She´s beautiful.
      I loved Emma, but I don´t know if I actually like this one even better.
    6. She looks so real, very different for Rain Man, and this is the best I have ever seen from him. So many dolls, running out of room for them*_*
    7. A even more realistic big sister to Soah...? I'm doomed! :doh
    8. I adore the mold, but I think it's a little bit weird her bust is so unrealistic with such a realistic face. The boobs are too close, like if she was wearing an invisible push-up bra. I hope the head can go on an old type body.
    9. Grabby Hands! OOOHHHH! :love:aeyepop:
    10. OMG, and here I was thinking I'd be safe from wanting another girl doll for a while....She's exquisite! She could pass for Asian or even American Indian, I love it : )
    11. I saw her photo on the front of the site last night, but I can't get your link to work for me. It just comes out text with nothing ostensibly to click on, can someone clue me in?
    12. Oh wow! She's beautiful! :o I love her eyes and her nose is perfect! :aheartbea

      I don't mind the invisibra look once a doll is dressed but it is distracting in nade photos.
    13. This NEW PHTO~~^^
      thank you~~(^_^)
    14. Rainman - WOW!!! She looks amazing! She is truly magnificent!!
    15. Fabulous!! No wonder I have so many Elfdolls, they get better and better!
    16. I'm in love....again.
    17. She looks so incredibly real :aeyepop:
    18. She is beautiful! I really want a male next, but she is tempting. So many dolls ....so little money. Sigh ......
    19. She is stunning! I thought I had enough Rainman girls in my resin family, well after seeing her I'm certain there will be room for one more, if she is becomes available.