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Elfdoll Rainy (Large) Discussion Part 4

Mar 26, 2019

    1. The first one is actually a Ruru I believe and I can't remember what they called that tone right now but it's too dark to be homme skin, it's their tan skin for sure. I just saw this and answered about her when someone asked on Facebook. That's so funny she gets mentioned again now. Lol

      And in order to share cause I hate this pic and it's terrible but I do still adore these two so much. Here's a quick pic of Clove and Darishka I took for international women's day not too long ago.


      --------- Added notes ---------

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      #1 ArcaneDesires, Mar 26, 2019
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    2. Huh, see I wrote off Ruru myself because the eyes looked a little small + she had less of a smile, but faceup can change both those characteristics so much...if that's tan, then it's got to be her.
    3. I could be wrong honestly I'm not 100% sure. But someone else thought it was Ruru too. June just looks off to me somehow but as I say I could be totally wrong, I honestly have no idea maybe someone who's more familiar with those two sculpts can answer better than I did.
    4. so nice to see posts here again :) Oh your girls are lovely, @ArcaneDesires

      Nice picture to start off with :) (having split off from the last thread :D )
      #4 IngieBee, Mar 26, 2019
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    5. @ArcaneDesires the perfect picture to start off a new thread. :)

      @evilhamster13 it's definitely Ruru and the color is tan. Ruru and June do look a lot alike, in fact June was originally supposed to be tan skin, but for some reason they decided to release June in NS and tweak the sculpt for Ruru.
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    6. @evilhamster13 I'm very tempted by the ruru but the seller doesn't offer shipping outside USA :|
    7. @Alewife well, that’s an interesting bit of history! They do look similar...it would have been nice if more of the girls had gotten a release in the tan. ;w;

      @Follow-the-Wind oh darn. well, if you decide you want her, you could always drop them a message and see if they can change the listing to include international, especially if you suggest a shipping service to use and save the hassle of figuring that out.
    8. Ah thank you so much! I have missed my girls so much. I don't do much with them at the moment, I definitely plan to work on that though!

      Awww thanks! It's not my clearest, sharpest picture or anything but I still really kind of like it and I love them both. :)

      Because it's been a while and I'm really trying to sort him out, have some Blade as well. I love my little pretty boy so much! Can't wait until my Vivien has her faceup done too so I can take pics of him and his best friend Nikita. Won't be able to do full group shots of all four of them for a while though, Niki will be body sharing with Clove probably until next year to be honest. But here's hoping I can get her sorted sooner!

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    9. Arcane Desires, I don't post much here, but it's always so lovely to see you posting photos of your dolls. They are clearly SO loved and treasured - and always beautifully styled! It makes me smile every time I see them - and they're some of the few dolls that I recognize by name when I see their photos!!! I always especially recognize Clove!! I can't wait to see your Vivien!!
    10. Hi folks! I got an Elfdoll K head in a trade and I love him so much. <3 I can't believe I didn't really know about this company's sculpts before now! I know he has a smaller neck opening than some of my other SD boys (because he doesn't quite work on my Mirodoll head stands or on the Akagidoll SD body I was playing around with last night). I'm trying to find measurements for his head and original body online, but I'm not having much luck.

      From another thread, I see that his original body was very close in size to the Iplehouse oYID body but with thinner thighs and more narrow shoulders.

      I'm still searching through the DOA archives, but does anyone here know if K would hybrid well with a Doll Chateau Y-02 body?

      EDIT: I just found a string of posts that say that the Domuya Flexi body is a good fit!

      #11 emac, Apr 22, 2019
      Last edited: Apr 22, 2019
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    11. Awww thank you so much! That really made me happy to hear, I really do love them all so much but I must admit a large part of me will always love my Elfdoll sculpts the most. They are just so beautiful! I'm so excited for Nikita but I suspect it may be quite a few months before she's done. I will be sure to share her when she's ready though! I can't wait. XD

      @emac Congrats on the K! That's awesome, I really like the boys, sad I don't own any actually. I'd quite like a Mir myself but I don't think I'll ever get one. Unfortunately I have no idea on bodies for any of the heads much really. I have one Elfdoll Pinup body, a Supia hybrid and an IOS hybrid so far, which my boy above had to have his neck hole widened to fit on that body as it is a 10cm neck body and his head is of course originally a girl head.

      Looking at the measurements of the Domuya body though, another option may possibly be the Dollzone B60-005 possibly as it seems to have rather similar measurements to the Domuya body I can find measurements for. I don't think the colours would match however so it's probably not much help.

      I personally prefer my Elfdoll heads on slightly larger bodies than recommended, because I feel my girls bodies are a little too narrow for my personal tastes. Good luck finding the right body for your boy though! I look forward to seeing what you do with him.
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    12. @emac congratulations on getting K! I love the Elfdoll boys and have everyone but Mir. Bodies are hard, though. How about one of the Luts Delf bodies?

      @ArcaneDesires I agree with you on using larger bodies. I'm using Granado and Supia girl bodies and the old Granado 64cm guybod (sadly discontinued). I had to enlarge the neck holes on all the heads, but not by much.
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    13. I don't have any big Elfdoll boys, but I like the Dollzone body I have for my girl. Skintone is fine for normal and snow skin, and no neck modding was needed.
    14. No pics since may? What happened? :lol:

      I took photos of my Sian lately. I discovered she has a flaw on one shoulders. She has a crack on it. I've seen it's quite common with this Soom body but I'm disappointed nonetheless.
      Well, I still like her!

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    15. It’s a lovely picture! I’m so sorry to hear about her shoulder. But, you can probably fix it, or at least shore it up so it won’t get any worse. If you can find a really low viscosity cyanoacrylate glue (super glue type glue) you could probably put it on the crack and it could get into the crack by capillary action. Just make sure you get a really thin formula. Someone at a hobby store, who sells glue for model making would be able to help you. :)

    16. @Follow-the-Wind gorgeous picture of Sian! It's been very quiet here lately. :)
    17. @KathrynB Thank you for the advice! I will try it.

      @Alewife Thank you! Yep it's very quiet. Maybe everyone is gone on rainman thread! :lol:
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    18. Hi!
      I managed to get my hands on Elfdoll Eun-a head and now I need to find her a body.
      I've been eyeing the new Supiadoll ballet body, since it looks mature enough for my liking.

      My question is, would that be ok hybrid colourvise?
      The seller couldn't say when the head was made but it is more in pinkish in colour since it has been storaged in the box the whole time
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    19. I have heard that Supiadoll is a good match for Elfdoll. Congrats on your girl. She is one of my favorites. I have mine on a Dollzone body.