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Elfdoll Rainy Polaris (BW Elf Sooah) Discussion Thread

Nov 8, 2008

    1. the instant i saw her i got her to replace the current mold of one of my other dolls - my elf aurora soah is so beautiful in person that i'm sure polaris is going to be breathtaking!
    2. Just breathtaking. I wish I had the money. I so would
    3. Oh wow... I like her more then I liked the aurora one...
      She's absolutely -stunning-, but its a shame I can't get her.
      I cannot wait for her owner pics though!!
    4. Oh man, I generally don't want WS dolls or Elves anymore (as beautiful as they are) but Aurora and now Polaris just.... wow! :D These girls would seriously make me reconsider if I could afford them. They're stunning.
    5. Ugghhh..
      I just got up to Reno today, and I still can't get her out of my head...
      The snow and rain here in the mountains... God she'd make a PERFECT snow elf companion to my I-ra.. D:
    6. wow shes beautiful . but i already have a aurora and her mold fits my taste more phew but she is a stunner :D
    7. Nyalee when you can't get them out of your head you are doomed.

      I couldn't get her out of my head with this one and even though I've already got a Sooah whom I adore I caved and bought her. But her faceup is very different, she's BW and with the elfdolls and new body she should be different enough plus I've got her character and name figured out as well as how to explain why they look alike.
    8. So gutted - have no more dollie money to spend this year if I am to afford Christmas.

      Caved on the Aurora and would have been so cool to get her a twin but guess you just cannot have them all.


    9. I so love to watch my friend Patrice torture herself dithering between dolls; in this case between Polaris and Akando. Then, I convince her she needs to follow her heart and get Polaris. I just sit back and wait for the email telling me "I just ordered Polaris!"

      She truly is a beautiful doll. I can't wait to see Polaris in person. She must come visit in April!
    10. I'm in real deep....I just recieved Aurora and now ordered Polaris!.. This time layaway is the answer. So she'll be home in time for Christmas with her twin.
    11. I didn't know they did Elves before! I'm lucky I'm not crazy about the Sooah face mould. XD Or SDs. She's just lovely with those ears.
    12. I just took the plunge! Elfdoll is my favorite, and I need an elf Elfdoll.
    13. Coleen, she will definitely come to visit. You knew I'd cave. However, I think you need one. After all, you don't have a Sooah...

      Arianne02, congratulations. Elfdolls are beautiful and the new body poses great. My Hazy can stand easy in both heels and carpeting.

      MCVZ, Aurora and Polaris will make great twins. I managed to escape Aurora mostly because my Soah was the only BJD I never bonded with but Polaris having the Sooah mold I was doomed.
    14. What...they do layaway...oh noes!
      She is so lovely. I thought I had reached the pinnacle with Sugar Magnolia being my Queen Ellie Sooah, but an elf? Seriously. Must have her.
      I put my Queen Ellie up in the marketplace, she is a beauty, I hope someone who is looking for her can grab her. I never ever would have sold her if it wasn't for this girl. I love the makeup on her as well!
    15. Ordered her! Fell instantly in love when I saw her. Now to come up with a name and concept for her.
    16. Stella Maris Polaris' faceup is what did me in. I never wanted to have duplicate sculpts but I'm now going to have two Sooah's. But I've got a character all figured out for Polaris and an explanation as to why they look alike. Plus with the BW resin and elf ears I think she'll be different enough.

      ArvanahModray, congratulations!
    17. I caved too.. sold another doll to buy her (thank heaven he sold fast) and ordered her last night. I have Aurora and adore her. I just need to make another elf outfit for Polaris.
    18. I have to ask, since I've heard some horror stories about the older Elfdoll body, does anyone have any experience with the new design? Is it nicer and does it pose any better? This is going to be my first Elfdoll, and actually the first I've ever seen in person.
    19. well, i don't have any experience with the older design, but i love my elf aurora soah to pieces - she can pose pretty well, but is a bit squeaky - i figure it's because she's new. the sculpt is really nice in person, and i know a lot of people were put off of aurora because of the breasts, but they're very lovely and look good in all sorts of clothing (though my girl imogen wears a button up shirt so it's not too obvious)