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ElfDoll Red Coming Out Soon

May 21, 2006

    1. Looks like ElfDoll Red will be available any day now! :blush

      Anyone in the ElfDoll group have any more information about his release?
    2. Edit: Thanks Rynn! :D

      Special Rainy Doll RED is now sold out?

      I went back to the site and he's not listed anymore under the Special section.

      The link to him still works, however.
    3. He's still listed. There are nine.
    4. The link for the one costing $725 says there are nine...maybe it's a different doll?
    5. Heya Rynn! :D Let's see if we can figure out what's going on, because I'm admittedly confused, too.

      When you're on the main site, there's a link that takes you to a listing of the 'Special' dolls.


      Special Red USED to be listed there, but now he's not listed and I can't 'find' him anywhere on the site.

      The direct link to his order page still works, but there aren't any links on the site that go to his order page anymore.

      Only by clicking THIS LINK (which is the direct link to his page) can you see him.

      And I got this link because I went back to my account and found a link to the Special Red I ordered.

      Does this mean he's still available, or no? *_*
    6. Ok, maybe he is out of stock...That is weird.
    7. He can't be out of stock, I can add him on the second link Zadkhiel posted. And yep, it says the max. number I can purchase is 9. So be quick people! :D (It also didn't add shipping when I tried to buy him, is the free shipping thing still going on?)
    8. Yeah, that's what is confusing me...you can "buy" one on the direct link, but going through the site like normal, he isn't even listed.
    9. YES! Free shipping is still going on! :D

      And that second link I posted came from my order status page in my Elfdoll account.

      You can't find that link anywhere on the site itself unless you either 1) already knew the direct link or 2) got the link from your/my order status page.

      Edit: On the other hand, if you go to the index page, where they give a sneak peak at 3 dolls from each category, Special Red is listed there. But he's still not listed in Special, which he WAS when I made my order.

      I'm agreeing with Rynn; this is a bit weird. *_*
    10. He's not out of stock. They were having trouble setting their page up. Red is also available through the overseas dealers too.
    11. Only 5 left, now.
    12. ah How I wish they sold parts heads seperately
    13. oooh! he's so lovely and so tempting -__-