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Elfdoll Reminisce Red and Wu

Feb 17, 2007

    1. thank you for posting this. i would have never known if you hadn't. i have a wu and i love the sculpt. i've always wanted a sleepy version.
    2. How exciting i would just love to have a sleepy head for my Orion!:D
    3. *is doomed* T___T
    4. AHHHH YAY.

      Now. We wait.
    5. That's so awesome!! =D (I don't even have either guys, but as an Elfdoll fan, it's exciting nonetheless. xD;

      Rainman should make reminisce heads for Lydia and Ruru too~ ^___^
    6. Well, I asked if they would be doing these just as heads rather than a whole doll, and the answer I actually got was that next month they'll be doing sleepy heads for Ruru and Lydia, and will possibly be doing seperate bodies as people have requested.

      I guess my question wasn't clear enough, but I did say I wanted a Reminisce head for my Wu, sooo... Not sure what's going on, really.
    7. Wow, This is indeed exciting.... They look quite Beautiful Actually:D Can't wait to see the finished product.
    8. Haha, my Wu can finally get some shut eyes. XD
    9. The detail in the eyelid sculpt is beautiful, you can see all the small muscles. I think I like Red even better as a sleeper.
    10. Such pretty, sleeping boys! ^______^ I love their lips and the eyes look so peaceful and calm.
    11. oooooooo a sleepy Dennis! HEad go splody
    12. Ahhhh I want x__x!! It'll need to wait for a body probably though. x_o
    13. Okay, now I am thoroughly confused. I thought I was going to hear about a Red Reminisce head and instead I get an email from my dealer telling me I'm getting a RuRu head. What is up with that?

      Yes, I ordered both specials but Red was ordered way before RuRu. In fact, RuRu is still on layaway. How about a body for either the RuRu or the Red (or Wu) dolls? Anybody have more info about this?
    14. ...Squeeeeeeeee XD
    15. mmm You know I`ve been wondering... I like the Reminisce Red head... would it fing on K`s Body and will they release K`s body as parts?
    16. It seems that these heads will be sent as gifts, after the event it will not be sold again?
    17. Someone in the 'twin thread' in the News section mentioned that they would be on sale for $100 and $55 for the faceup. I *really* hope that's true, because I've gotten my hopes up on snagging a sleeping head for my Red. But I don't see that on the website anywhere - I have no idea what the source was for the information.

      Oh, but I DO see that now there are bodies on sale. So anyone who wants just the Elfdoll body, you can get one now.

      EDIT: Um...duh. I just used the pull down menus on the site, and it gives the option to buy if you're not a special customer. Well, I'm off to buy my head now. Whee!
    18. I'm not sure if I should be really really happy to get another Red head, or really annoyed. *laugh* I know I'll wind up wanting a whole body for him, by himself.

      I'm probably tweaking unnecessarily, but I really dislike putting my real name in an unprotected, public place. I hope they'll let me email that info to them instead.
    19. Oh, very, very nice head. I like all the features on it. Especially the nose.