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Elfdoll Ruru's Resin Coloring

Jan 8, 2007

    1. Thank You Kathy, that is the Best Explanation why ElfDoll didn't MSC the body i have read. It make sense now. I was all set to MSC my RuRu after she arrived. Now i'll just have to wait and see how she look live in person. Thanks for sharing the info.
    2. Thanks Kathy ,I also plan to wait to see my RuRu before making a decision.
      Phyllis B
    3. It occurred to me after reading what various members had to say about the RuRu coloring issue ; why is this happening with RuRu? Cocori, Tanned Lishe , Tanned Narae and other Dark resin dolls have even skin tone between head and body. Also, if ElfDoll did not MSC the body because of it possibly becoming dirty and having uneven spotting as the coating wear off; wouldn't the same thing happen to her face-up as well? This does not Discourage me from wanting RuRu. The Member photos of her are Fantastic. This coloring thing just seem wierd to me.
    4. I did coat the body on mine as soon as she arrived, more to address the "shininess" than the color. But now that she has been sealed, the match is perfect. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad before. But photos (especially with flash), make it seem worse than it is. As a dark skinned person, I have seen this in photos of myself. When I am wearing foundation, a flash photo often makes my face look lighter in a photo, but my face and body DO match- really!~:lol: