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Elfdoll Soah's little movie [Korean]

Dec 7, 2005

    1. ooookay that was... weird... nicely done but weird
    2. ya it was a tad strange. but very well made.. they really took their time .
    3. Hahahahah that's so greaaat! Wow! Doing movies frame by frame is so hard ^^'
      But it is so much fun!
      I loved this movie! I hope someday I'll be able to do movies like this one *__*
    4. Wow - that was cool!
    5. WHOA O__O That is sooo cool!

      Gotta love that cute Soah ^__~
    6. that rocks in the oddest way imaginable!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    7. Haha that was fab!
    8. I wish I understood the dialog, but I'm still amused. (I love her wig, too.)
    9. Lol, it's a movie/animation made for fun by students. ^^ They don't mention why they've made it, and just said that the story is meant to be funny and for viewing pleasure.
      As for the story.. *cackles* When she first enters chasing the bird, she's basically telling it to hold still. :P Then calling it bothersome as she puts the ax away.
      I... don't understand what's being said in the letter.. I can't hear the words properly. ^^; Or from the woman who appears in the powder, though when the girl puts the powder away and gets up to grab the ax, she's basically saying she'll kill them all, whoever 'them' are. ^^;
    10. Oh my, and I always thought Soah looked like such a sweet girl...! :o :oops:

      Impressively well made - I love the way she has difficulty at the end trying to pull on the dress with only one hand. Such attention to detail! :fangirl
    11. Whoa, that's so awesome.
    13. Hah, that made me laugh.
    14. Okaaaaayyy....*_* I have no idea what's going on in this movie, but it is very well made and creative. :)
    15. The title of the animation is "Frencesca vs Isabel". The Soah doll's name is Frencesca.

      So the bird is being annoying, so she kills the bird... Lol and when she opens the closet the first time, but then it closes it by itself, and when she opens the closet again, you can see the letters "paroma" on the inner side of the left door, it's basically a parody. There's this famous ad on Korean TV that everyone's familiar with, and people open and close doors and yell "Paroma" all the time... I think the maker of the animation just put it there for fun >O<;;

      In the letter, the old lady person(I'm guessing Isabel) challenges her (to a match I guess) and Frencesca goes "pssst" and "I'll kill them all". I don't understand what the powder person said, but Frencesca just ignores it >_<

      There are supposed to be more to the story, it's a series and I'm assuming that she/he's going to make more of it. Also, at the end, it says and instead of end, that's because they're going to continue it ^^;;

      The story was kind of confusing... but I want to see more! >:O

      EDIT: Oh I did some research <_< (yea I have nothing to do X_X) and Apparently, there's this sitcom called "&#50504;&#45397; &#54532;&#46976;&#52404;&#49828;&#52852;" (Hello Francesca) in Korea right now. Frencesca is a vampire... O_O I think it's popular. So this is like a parody of that show xD
    16. No idea what was said but I thought it was very well done and just weird enough for me to enjoy.
    17. where is the play buttom?
      does it play by itself?
      because it doesn't show anything and I wanna see too ;_;

      *EDIT* oh it already shows XD
      OMG that was weird and funny! XD
    18. That is so great! Thanks for the translations Kurimja and Berryhot!
      I look forward to the next installment :)
      Soah looks great as a badgirl!
    19. i wouldn't wanna piss that soah off, she gets a lot of use out of that ax!!

      this was so cool. tee!