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Elfdoll & Soom - New Dolls Emma & Spinel

Oct 29, 2007

    1. Is it on their websites anywhere?
      Elfdoll said it wont be there till Nov 1st, so we will have to wait for them!!!

      Is in on SOOM’s website?

      Oh, are Soom and Elfdoll together or something? {I know dollsoom.com sells their products! }
    2. Doing a joint project between the two companies is really neat, for some reason. I blame that Elfdoll and Soom are my two favorite companies. XD
    3. Hmmm...I like that boy! :D
      I think I have just found a better sculpt for my Percy than the one I had in mind before....

      There's only a note and that one pic up on the Elfdoll site, nothing on Soom that I could see...guess we'll have to wait until the 1st for answers. *_*
    4. I don't see any relation to the previous Elfdoll girls in her sculpt. I like the smaller eyes, but that narrow jaw is totally different from their previous styles.

      He does look like a smaller Sabik - but maybe it's the face-up in the pic, he could pass for an Elfdoll boy as well!
    5. These new dolls aren't at ElfDoll site nor SOOM site (or at least I haven't seen them). We'll have to wait, I think.
    6. Girl looks like female version of Elfdoll K to me. xDD But I like her mold...I'm crazy I guess.
    7. If You Go To The Japanese Elfdoll Site The Pics Are On A Banner.
    8. They have the pictures up on the English website as well, not much info just yet, but SOOM and Elf Doll maybe collaberating together for something really special. The heads look like SOOM while the bodies could be Elf Doll.
    9. Well, the announcement says:
      ...so I get the impression that it's just a new Elfdoll girl and a new Soom boy who are being sold as a 'couple'....not that you necessarily have to buy both, I hope, but that is how they are being marketed and displayed...as two parts of one collabratory set, sort of like how Soom did all the different 'Alice' themed doll sets, and so on....
    10. The boy is ubersexy, but I'm not sure about the girls chin, maybe it's just the angle but her face is long long long.
    11. The boy is great! The girl... hmm... that chin is not convincing me at all, maybe it's just on that photo. She doesn't look like other elfdoll girls, but maybe that's just me.
    12. The boy is Gorgeous!!! :love I will probably not be able to resist getting him......Not sure about the girl, she looks pretty and she reminds me of someone but I'm not sure who. I want to say a famous actress, hmmmm. I think she would look really pretty in period clothing, maybe as Juliet? Can't wait for more info!
    13. I want to see more pictures of the girl. That angle is not so flattering on the girl. I'm very curious though.
    14. Just don't know, the boy looks like he's on drugs & the girl is sort of boring, just another pretty face. But I've been mistaken about Elfdolls before. Their promo pics seldom show them to their best advantage while seeing owners' pics or in real life, they look much more beautiful. For right now though I have no interest in either of them. (And thank goodness for that.)
    15. The more I look at the boy doll, the more he looks like Sabik to me.....I wonder if he is the same size as Sabik? I hope not. I like Sabik but he is just too tall for my doll family.
    16. I'm really surprised there'll be a doll officially called Spinel :O

      I thought I was being original by naming my doll this (in reference to Card Captor Sakura's Spinel), but I guess I'm being outshined by Elfdoll XD
      Spinel isn't a common Asian name, is it? lol Maybe the designers are Clamp fans too XD
    17. I doubt Spinel a common Asian name, but it is a semi-precious stone, so rather commonly known in general.
    18. Ohhh thank you :)
      I didn't know that ^^
      *feels stupid now ;)*
    19. Awe, it's okay. I was a jewelry major in college, so I know some pretty random things.