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Elfdoll - Special Lyn, Sylf and Adel

Sep 1, 2007


      Hello, Joo...
      I am so glad that Rainman released these dolls again!
      Recently I bought Min Del Re and Adel, now I will be able to have Sylf and Lyn also!!

      Thanks so much!!

      Teryl ;)
    2. :o I was going to try to get a Sylf on the second market, but this is so much easier! The deadline is a little soon for me, but my birthday's coming up so maybe I can ask my mom for one if the price isn't very high. :sweat Or at least pay half.
      O.o Or maybe I'll get Adel, her eyes are narrowed a little.
      edit : It says Special, but the bottom info says they can be ordered every month...so it's not limited edition after all? ^^ Yaaay! So I don't have to rush.
      I have them but I know of lots who would love to own one

      WANTS the RETURN OF DODO ?????

      I would LOVE Dodo !
    4. These wee girls are utterly amazing. I LOVE my Lyn.

      I wish Rainman would make a small boy - just like these girls!!!!!

    5. I'm glad these girls are coming back! I hope this means we might get to see elf verions again!
    6. I'm very happy to see those back, they have the cutest curves, my Olivia is one of my most precious dolls.
      Of course I'm part of the "wants-a-tiny-man" clan! ^^
    7. Wow, did I get a big surprise when I saw those three girls on Elfdoll.com. They look so sweet!!! I wish I had known elfdoll would re-release them. Now I want a little Syph.

      BTW I wonder if Elfdoll will still release his Ggonzi.
    8. Ack, I want all of these cuties!!!! Why must every doll company continually come out with AWESOME dolls at the same time??? ;)
    9. For some reason the original elves appeal to me more. I'm a fan of the fairy costumes and fur wigs. :)

      The cabaret costumes are still adorable though, and I'm so happy since this means that other people will have a chance to get them!
    10. My very first BJD was my Esme, a Tiny Elf Adel! She is so special to me, I'm happy to see this release!
    11. I'm searching for more info/pictures. The link on the first post links to this thread. I noticed Denverdoll has Bong Sun Hwa, Min Del Re and Jin Dal Re listed as new, in holiday outfits. Are these older releases? I love the Min Del Re, but my pocket book won't allow her at this point...
    12. Navi, they were special edition re-releases. The faceup on Jin is very different from the original, but Bong and Min seem close.

      For some reason, maybe it's the wigs, the faces on these three look much more similar to each other than those three actually are, and Adele's eyes look a little tiny bit different. I'd be curious to compare them in person...it's probably just the way they're photographed. I'm glad to see them back up, but I do wish for Ggonzi.
    13. Too many new lovely tinies lately and not enough cash ... I absolutely love Adel and I see dolls and friends are offering layby....
      ps the elfdoll site is jammed ... too much traffic and I cant get on ... sigh (I blame the pig)
    14. I tend to agree I prefer the older costumes. The cabaret costumes bring out their mature side and are adorable too in a different way.

      I really want at least one since I missed out on the originals.

      I like the faceup on Adel but I like the costume on Sylph. What a hard choice. :doh As much as I like both I can only choose one since I also want Tinybear's Moona offering :sweat
    15. I'm not too fond of the new trio's wigs either. I think that Adel's is the best.

      However, I am just excited to be able to get Sylf and Lyn since I am new to collecting tiny BJDs. I did find Adel on the 2ndary market, but thought that it would be impossible to find the Sylf and Lyn.

      I'm really pleased that Elfdoll re-released them.

    16. Tinybear... from pics that I've seen, I think that Dodo's eyes resemble LYN's eyes and sculpt. What do you think since you have Lyn?
    17. Hello. I hope it's okay to post this question here. I am wondering what clothes fit these girls (I just bought an Adel, previously owned - didn't even know there were new ones coming out, but that's okay).
    18. I have Lyn and DoDo, and they do not look exactly alike. Lyn's eyes and lips are much smaller than DoDo's. Their profile's are close, but the space between the bottom of Lyn's lips and the bottom of her chin is longer than DoDo's, and DoDo has a pointier chin.

      I'm sorry, but I don't have a photo of them together (or apart, for that matter!). I need to take some photos and then I can show you.

      I would like to get the new Adel ...

    19. Thanks, Sabrina for your description of Lyn and Dodo. To me, I just saw that they have huge eyes (compared to Adel). I did not really pay attention to their lips. Now I will take a second look at both of them from your description and vantage point.