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ELFDOLL Special USA/Canada Exclusive "RURU 21" Discussion Thread

May 20, 2009

    1. http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=296778

      Elfdoll is coming out with a new Special RuRu! :D
      She's limited to 30 dolls and is a USA/Canada exclusive.

      - - -

      I think she's breathtaking. I can't afford her before she sells out, but her faceup is exquisite! The dark foiled turquoise eyeshadow is so beautiful.
      And apparently, she has a special "real" skin color.

      I love the strong features of the RuRu sculpt.

      What do you think of "RuRu 21"? :aheartbea
    2. She's absolutely beautiful. I'm sort of crushed because I know I won't be able to afford her, but she's perfect for a character I have in mind T^T
    3. Oh god she's gorgeous! I love her in this skin tone. I love the reminiscence head even more than the open eyed one too!
      Stunning, just stunning!
    4. I still think lighter tones suit this doll better than the original tan one. Carolei was stunning and so is this beauty. If I had not too many dolls already, I'd buy her.
    5. I love her but her makeup seems way too heavy for me. This was the same with the last, Tasha. Still, she's beautiful and realskin is the best skintone I've ever seen.
    6. It's sad that she doesn't come with that lovely wig.
    7. She is beautiful, I loved her in the darker skintone as well as this one. My heart however belongs to Pandora (the special Lydia). If they do another special June I am done. June is my favorite.
    8. Still no comparison shots of the Ruru 21 "real skin" tone and the standard Elfdoll girl skin tone? I really want to see these, because I'm trying to figure out how much blushing I would have to do to put their optional high-heel feet and the like on Ruru 21.
    9. sgtgeorgecarter has Elfdolls in both skintones, you could ask her. Also post in the photo request thread? Isn't Hazy that same skintone? Or is she the same as Twiggy Yumi? So confused.
    10. Here is a pictured of my Hazy with the real skin next to my Sooah and my friend, Coleen's Lydia. The real skin is a lovely natural shade.


      Here's my Hazy next to my K and as you can see she's darker than the male Elfdoll homme skin.

    11. Thanks, Patrice, that really helps!

      I'm a bit confused about something else. :sweat I was deciding where I want to buy her (I'm getting her for sure now) and noticed that on the Contemporary Artist Dolls website, RURU 21 is listed with three options ("Doll for $589," "Doll + Extra Reminiscence Head No Faceup for $689," and "Doll + Extra Reminiscence Head w/ Faceup for $759"), but none of the other dealers make any mention of having to pay extra for her sleeping head (or even that she might come without it). :? Does that mean if I order her from someone else, I'm going to get a nasty surprise when she comes WITHOUT the sleeping head, or is that one dealer just divvying her up a bit, and adjusting the prices to reflect that? Anyone know?

      EDIT: I found that Katherine's Cottage also mentionts the sleeping head as being offered separately, rather than coming with the doll.
    12. Hey Kiyakotari,

      The optional Rem head isn't included originally. What she comes with for $589 is: her default head w/face-up, body, & a 2nd pair of hands (the fist ones). So anything extra, (Rem head w/ or w/out face-up, wig) is extra, accordingly.

      So far, over at Lonestardolls, the owner gives a very thorough breakdown of options & prices. They even takes layaway & offer a discount on the wig I think. (Some places didn't offer it at all? Though I wish she would've just came with it >_<) & Denverdolls has already sold theirs.

      So between the both of us, that's 4 sites on the small list that carries her. ^^"

      I've been horribly tempted myself so I've been combing sites for details, & this is what I've gathered so far. Hope this helps clear things up a little bit~ :)
    13. Oh, are you planning to get her, Paperghost? Are you getting her Rem head as well, or just her normal?
    14. I would love to see some owner photos of her. Does anyone have any? Or is there another thread with them posted somewhere?