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Elfdoll : Standard Sooah and new clothing

Jan 1, 2006

    1. I have seen several Ryung (Elf doll) heads on Luts CP bodies. It's a pretty good match.

      I own 2 Rainman (Elf dolls) and 2 Luts and even though they are simular in color they are not exact even with in the same company.

    2. I just weighed my Sooah on a postal scale and she weighs 3lbs 2.5 oz dressed

    3. It's in the little drop-down that says 'please select one'. 500$ for face-up, 450$ no face-up and you can choose either big or small busted body. ^^
    4. Sooah is a big girl. All the Rainy dolls are tall, heavy and very mature compared to other bjd's They are very adult and fasionable. The resin is excellent. Elfdoll removes all the seams and the surface is glass like. They have first rate workmanship on their product. Sooah can be purchased direct or also from dealers. Elfdoll has only made Ryung and Soah as direct purchase only items as of this post.


      An exclusive site for Rainy Dolls
    5. Nope, it's only to people who order in January, as it states on the site! ^_^ The glasses will be available to buy seperately after that.
    6. Does anyone know when they will have the fist hand parts on the website instock again? I really want to get a pair for my Ryung.
    7. I thought I put those hands in my cart the other day, but they seem to be sold out now.
    8. Janis at sunrise dolls has some clothes , wigs, shoes etc in stock. You could look at her website to check and save a lot on postage.
    9. Sunrise also seems to have the fists for preorder, if that helps.
    10. I had asked about this, because I already have Soah...and they said no, just complete dolls when I asked earlier this month. I wonder if that may change in the future though...

    11. For Brynn who's not after a girl. Elfdoll is working on and releasing their first male doll, WU. He will be tanned (or at least darker in tone than the girls). This has caused some production problems for them or he might have been announced by now. They told us all this at our Yahoo Group a couple of weeks ago.